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General Liability Insurance

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What is Commercial General Liability Insurance?


General liability insurance protects your business from another person or business's claims of bodily injury, associated medical costs and damage to property. Some examples of what could be covered are below:


  • Bodily injury :A client falls over your bag and you are legally liable for the injury. We will cover the subsequent claim and related medical expenses up to your General Liability policy's limits of liability.
  • Property damage and data loss : You spill coffee on a client’s server causing damage and loss of data. We will cover the subsequent claim up to your General Liability policy's limits of liability.
  • Personal injury : One of your employees is at lunch. He talks to the owner of the shop about one of your clients in a false and unflattering way. The client learns of this discussion and sues for slander. We will cover the subsequent claim, up to your General Liability policy's limits of liability, and pay for an attorney to defend you if necessary.


View our quote examples to understand how much general liability insurance costs.


Get Liability Insurance that best meets your needs.


General liability insurance will not protect you from everything. For example General liability will not cover you against claims of negligence, even if it isn’t you or your business’ fault. Some people buy other business liability insurance along with general liability


Why do you need Commercial General Liability Insurance?


You should consider general liability insurance coverage, also called commercial general liability insurance, if you or your employees:

  • Interact with clients face to face – If you visit a client’s place of work, or clients visit yours
  • Have access to a client’s equipment –  For example, IT professionals should be covered against potential claims with IT business liability insurance
  • Represent your client’s business
  • Use third-party locations for any business related activities – For example, architects should make sure that they’re covered with architects business liability insurance
  • Are required to have general liability insurance before entering into a contract

Why choose Hiscox coverage?


Hiscox specializes in business liability insurance for professional services businesses like yours.

  • Flexible payment options: We offer you the option of making monthly payments (with no additional fees) to help manage your cash flow.
  • Tailored Insurance: We specialize in businesses like yours and tailor coverage to the risks in your field.
  • Claims responsiveness: When a covered claim is reported, we will immediately defend you even if the claim has no basis and, if necessary, appoint an attorney.
  • Coverage for contracts: Our liability insurance coverage satisfies most standard contract insurance requirements.
  • Worldwide coverage: We protect you for work done by your business anywhere in the world, as long as the covered claim is filed in the United States, a U.S. territory or Canada.
  • Passion for service: 97% customer satisfaction rating and we were voted in the top 100 Business Influencers of 2014.


Get a fast, free quote now and get that Hiscox confidence behind your business, too. If you still have questions, read our general liability insurance FAQ’s or you can call us at 1-866-283-7545 and speak with a Hiscox licensed agent, Monday thru Friday from 8am-10pm ET.



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This information is provided to assist you in understanding the coverage we offer and does not modify the terms and conditions of any insurance policy, nor does it imply that any claim is covered. Specific coverage terms can vary by class of business.  Coverages are subject to underwriting and may not be available in all states.

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