Woman thinking about why she needs insurance coverage for her small business.
Why you need insurance coverage for your small business

Every small business should protect their company with small business insurance. Yet many small business owners are unsure of the type of insurance they need to buy. Read More

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Freelance event planner wondering why she needs insurance

Event planners' insurance: Why you need it

Bring the same level of attention to protecting your own small business as you do to organizing your clients’ events. Consider business insurance for your event planning business. Read More

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Man on laptop wondering why he needs insurance as a freelancer

Freelancers liability insurance: What you need to know

Freelancers know that working for yourself can be a double-edged sword. You have tons of flexibility, but if something goes wrong, it lands on you, whether you are at fault or not. Read More

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Man at work wondering if health insurance covers work related injuries

Does Health Insurance Cover Work Related Injuries?

Health insurance covers injuries or illnesses that happen off the job, but most employers are required to have workers compensation insurance to cover their employers when an illness or injury happens at work. Read More

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a computer keyboard with a green button that says insurance replacing the standing enter key

What is a Certificate of Liability Insurance?

A certificate of liability insurance (COI), is a simple document issued by your insurance company. The details it shares include the types of coverage, the issuing insurance company, your policy number, the named insured, and the policy’s effective dates, and the types and dollar amount of limits and deductibles. Read More

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Why do photographers get sued? 

Photographers should be up to date on the types of lawsuits common to their industry. Find everything you need to know to protect your business against legal issues with our list of reasons that photographers get sued. Read More

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Image of men's hands on desk with papers, pencil, and laptop

4 Risks to protect your small business from

Every small business faces risks. Now is the time to protect what you’ve built from risks you can anticipate and those you don’t see coming. Read More

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