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Contractors: don’t leave these tax deductions on the table

If you are like most independent contractors, you value your freedom. You work when you want, where you want, and, if you are really lucky, as often as you want. That freedom does not extend to your business taxes, however.

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Woman protect business name

How to protect your business name

Your business name is the cornerstone of your brand. Promote it wisely, and each time it’s mentioned, your competitors will sink further into the background. Lose control of it, and you could be lost in the crowd.

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Hispanic heritage month Spotify playlist

Hiscox celebrates Latin American music

As Hispanic Heritage Month comes to a close, we invite you to join in the celebration by checking out the Spotify playlist created by the Hiscox Latino Employee Network (HLEN).

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4 Min Read

Meet Joyia Toran, who brings unique native crafts to Wanderluxe Home

Joyia Toran always had that entrepreneurial spirit – she just needed to find the right business. On a trip to Mexico, she found it – selling unique, handmade crafts produced by local artisans. This is the story of how she started Wanderluxe Home

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woman filming for youtube

7 Tips for marketing your business on YouTube

If you are trying to boost your customer reach without breaking the bank, try tapping into the 1 billion watch-hours sparked by YouTube each day.

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How outsourcing can grow your business

As your business starts to take off, you may find yourself with a good problem: more work or orders than you can currently handle. If you are unsure about future demand, should you go ahead and hire additional staff or expand your manufacturing capacity? 

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cyber health check

How’s your cyber health?

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, so it’s a good time to check your business’s cyber health. 

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Customer Spotlight

Small business success stories. Natoshia Lewis, Nirupa Netram, Wes Swing.

3 Entrepreneurs share how they launched their business on the heels of a pandemic

These courageous entrepreneurs started businesses during a pandemic.Their stories are an important reminder of the opportunities that exist with a little ingenuity.  Read More

Customer Spotlight

Spotlight on courage: How one entrepreneur is changing the face of corporate travel

Meet Keenya Justice, an entrepreneur with a passion to make corporate travel a whole lot less painful. Learn how she did it with this innovative approach.  Read More

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