LGBT pride celebrating small business

Show your LGBTQ+ pride as a business or an ally

June is Pride month and small businesses are flying their rainbow flags. There are many ways to celebrate Pride, whether yours is an LGBTQ+ business or an ally – a business that demonstrates inclusion every day. 

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teen walking happy dog over the summer

Opportunities for teens to make money this summer

Summer is a great time for teenagers to get to work. For those with an entrepreneurial spirit, here are some tips for starting a business before school starts again. 

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small business owner's payday calendar

Here are the fundamentals on how to pay yourself

You spend countless hours running and managing your small business and should be paid for those efforts, so, how do you pay yourself? Learn more.

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learn how to be a business consultant and be successful

Ways to become a successful business consultant

You’ve got the knowledge and experience, put these things to work – for yourself. Becoming a successful business consultant is not as daunting as it sounds. 

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IRS has changed the gas mileage deduction rates

Timely changes to mileage deduction rates announced by IRS

If you or your employees drive personal vehicles for work, you can take a larger deduction for miles driven in the second half of 2022. 

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Choosing the right business insurance for your small business

How to choose the best insurance for my small business

Do you have the right small business insurance coverage? Answer these six questions to find out.

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New SSBCI funding for small business owners

New SSBCI funding for small businesses – everything you need to know

Many small businesses struggle with access to capital. A new phase of the SSBCI program will provide $10b to states for loans and equity funding. Do you qualify?

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Customer Spotlight

Spotlighting Hiscox photographer customers, Kdmorris, Sydney Sherman, and Paramount Memories - William and Jennifer Chavis

Exposed: photographers who developed their love for photos into a profession

We spotlight the creativity and drive that inspires photographers, and share the stories of these Hiscox customers who developed their passion into a profession. Read More

Customer Spotlight


Strong uplifting women who made their business dreams come true

Behind every entrepreneur is a dream that motivated them. Get inspired by these four strong women who turned their business dreams into reality.  Read More

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