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Hiscox's journey toward a more equitable workplace

By: Hiscox Blog

It's our mission to create an inclusive and diverse workplace. Hiscox has created several initiatives to make sure this happens and we're sharing our journey to inspire other businesses to take similar steps to push for social and racial justice. 
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5 Min Read

How to have your Paycheck Protection Program loan forgiven

If your business received a Paycheck Protection Program loan, there are requirements to get it forgiven. Here’s what you need to know to get your PPP loan forgiven. Read More

3 Min Read
Black and white photo of mask and money. EIDL Loans.

EIDL loans for small businesses

There’s another small business lending program through the SBA that's getting attention: The EIDL program. Here's what small business owners need to know to apply for an EIDL.  Read More

5 Min Read
Young man standing over work bench with laptop. Side hustle to small business.

Why now is a good time to start a side hustle 

There will always be reasons to not start your business, but for passionate entrepreneurs, not even an economic downturn can hold them back. Find out why now may be a good time to start a side hustle. Read More

5 Min Read
Smart phone with hashtag in a comment coming off of it. Twitter hack. Twitter breach.

What small businesses can learn from the recent Twitter hack

The social media world was rocked recently when high-profile Twitter accounts were apparently hacked. Here’s what you should know about this attack and how it can impact your business. Read More

6 Min Read
Businessman holding red and white blocks spelling "LLC."

3 Reasons your LLC needs small business insurance

Some people assume that if their business is an LLC, they don’t need business insurance. This is not true. Three reasons why your LLC needs business insurance. Read More

5 Min Read
10 tips to turn your side hustle into a small business. Briefcase and storefront.

10 tips to turn your side hustle into a small business

If transitioning a side gig into a full-time business is a dream of yours, we have the 10 tips you need to make that a reality. Read More

Customer Spotlight

Yoga studio owner delivers value to customers amid challenging times

Like many businesses right now, Claire had to pivot her business model if she was going to continue to offer value to customers. Find out exactly how this yoga studio owner is taking care of her clients and employees against the odds. Read More

Customer Spotlight

What are small businesses doing to stay afloat? 3 Business owners share their stories

Three of our customers reveal how they are adapting, what business as usual looks like, and even how their personal lives have been impacted with the onset of COVID-19.  Read More

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