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couple looking at small business tax deadlines while sitting on couch

When are 2024 small business tax deadlines? Download this free calendar

Businesses need to stay on top of tax deadlines year-round, we’ve made it easy with this handy calendar that shows what is due and when. Track when to submit payroll taxes, issue 1099s, and more.

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dancing globe with headphones enjoying an Earth Day playlist from Hiscox

Embrace Earth Day with "Echoes of the Earth," the ultimate playlist for small businesses

Enjoy this incredible collection of songs to celebrate Earth Day. Hit play on positive change, set the tone for sustainability, and together, let's make every day a celebration of our planet!

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4 Min Read
Female business owner in office using her tablet to get plans in place and set goals for Q2

Spring into action: Goal setting and strategic planning for Q2

Spring is a time of growth for you and your business. From reflecting to goal resetting, here are seven tips to help you get focused on spring cleaning for your business. 

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Three happy business owners smiling at desk discussing beneficial owner registration information

Do you need to report beneficial ownership? Here’s how

Here's what you need to know about the new regulation requiring companies to provide Beneficial Ownership Information. FinCEN began collecting this information in January 2024, and existing companies that are required to report must do so by the end of 2024. Get the details.

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Smiling business consultants discussing liability coverage over laptop in office

Professional liability insurance for consulting firms

Consulting firms can protect themselves from costly lawsuits with professional liability insurance. Find out how to get coverage for your small business.

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A stress-free business enviroment with two female employees sitting and two male employees playing ping pong while discussing buisness matters at conference table

Building a stress-free work environment for your small business

Creating a stress-free work environment is more than just a benefit—it's a requirement. Here are some effective strategies for creating a calmer and more constructive business environment. 

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6 Min Read
female interior decorator standing over desk looking at swatches, on phone with client

6 Important steps to becoming a successful interior designer

Learn what's needed to pursue a career in interior design, plus tips on selecting the right insurance for your interior design firm.

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Customer Spotlight

Spotlighting Hiscox photographer customers, Kdmorris, Sydney Sherman, and Paramount Memories - William and Jennifer Chavis

Exposed: photographers who developed their love for photos into a profession

We spotlight the creativity and drive that inspires photographers, and share the stories of these Hiscox customers who developed their passion into a profession. Read More

Customer Spotlight


Strong uplifting women who made their business dreams come true

Behind every entrepreneur is a dream that motivated them. Get inspired by these four strong women who turned their business dreams into reality. Read More

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