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Why do contractors and freelancers need insurance?

Being an independent contractor or freelancer is a dream come true for many people. You can set your own hours and grow your own business. It's also exciting to build your brand and take on new customers or clients. However, there are a lot of risks with owning your own business as you're vulnerable to all kinds of lawsuits. 

For example, a competitor might sue your business because they say you stole their idea. Or, a client could slip and fall while visiting your home office for a meeting and sue you for medical expenses. Hiscox offers liability insurance to protect against these types of risks. 

With liability insurance in place, you can grow faster and more confidently without worrying about losing money in costly litigation. Having insurance is important especially for contractors and freelancers because they're under stress to support their growing business and cover all their expenses. Plus, they are usually sole proprietors, which means their personal assets are at risk if they get sued. That's why we carry comprehensive contracting/freelancing insurance options to mitigate the risks in your industry.

Insurance policies available for contractors and freelancers:

There are three main types of business insurance policies for businesses like yours. They each provide unique protections to help you confidently manage your business and reduce your risks.

Professional Liability Insurance for contractors and freelancers

Professional liability insurance is also called an errors and omissions or E&O policy. It includes coverage against negligence, personal injury (slander, libel), lawsuits, and coverage for previous services. It covers you, plus any other independent contractors you hire to help you do the same work.

Let's say you've designed a new e-commerce website, but as soon as it goes live, it crashes. The client sues you for the business they lose while you troubleshoot and correct the problem. In another example, you have a wedding planning business and create a lavish outdoor reception area with a tent. It's a clear day but unexpected winds cause the tent to topple over onto the cake, destroying it, along with a family heirloom vase that was on the cake table. The unhappy couple makes a claim for the cost of the cake and the vase. Liability insurance can cover these types of expenses.

General Liability Insurance for contractors and freelancers

General liability is also known as commercial general liability (CGL). It protects you from claims so they won't cause financial business disruptions. General liability covers property damage, physical injury, medical expenses and lost wages. There's also protection from advertising and personal injury, like libel or slander. 

Here's an example. You schedule a corporate yoga retreat and someone gets injured. Your CGL is the buffer to cover their medical expenses. As another example, if a customer trips in your home office and sues for injuries, your CGL coverage is there to protect you. It provides more comprehensive coverage than homeowner’s insurance, which often doesn’t cover these types of claims, or may have a very low limit (e.g., $2,500). 

Because there are all kinds of risks, Hiscox creates the best insurance products to meet our clients' needs. We can protect your business from negligence, lawsuits and accidents, so you can take the right risks to grow your business. 

Learn more about general liability insurance costs. 

Business Owners Policy (BOP) for contractors and freelancers

A business owners policy (BOP) provides general risk coverage that bundles general liability with business property coverage. This covers most risks in your industry to help you maintain your equipment and protect your business assets. Whether it's storm damage to your business property or breaking a client's artwork in their home, insurance is available for damages and repairs. With minimal disruptions to your business, you can confidently grow and scale. And, when you're ready to expand your services, ask an agent about add-ons and riders. We make it easy for you to find the insurance products you need. 

Why do contractors and freelancers choose Hiscox?

As a freelancer or contractor, if something goes wrong, you're responsible, so you don't want to delay obtaining the proper insurance. With a fast and free application process, you can receive your policy documents in your inbox today.
Hiscox offers:


  • Flexible plans: Set up convenient monthly payments with no fees. This makes it easier to manage your cash flow.
  • Customized insurance: We can create a custom policy specific to the risks in your particular industry.
  • Claims responsiveness: Our dedicated team is ready to assist with your covered claims.
  • Coverage for contracts: Our insurance coverage satisfies most standard contract insurance requirements.
  • Global assistance: Work anywhere in the world with Hiscox. When filing claims, file them in the U.S., a U.S. Territory or Canada.
  • Passion for service: Our friendly and knowledgeable agents have a 4.8/5 rating.

At Hiscox, we'll confidently back your business. That way you can focus on what's ahead, your business pursuits, nurturing your clients/customers and taking that well-deserved vacation. 


With Hiscox backing you, you can focus on success. Get a free quote now and if you have any questions, call us at 1-866-283-7545. Our team of licensed agents is available Monday – Friday, 7am – 10pm ET.

Hiscox Customer Reviews

Hiscox rated 4.7/5
Rated 4.7/5

Vincente, Los Angeles, CA 

“Great customer service on the personal and business side” 

I'm very happy with my experience both personal and business wise with Hiscox


James, St. Augustine, FL

“Beyond EASY” 

very convenient and extremely easy. The employees on the telephone are very helpful


Dan, St Paul, MN 

“Very helpful and friendly service. Answered all of my questions. I would recommend their services” 


Glenda, Fort Worth, TX 

“I will definitely recommend Hiscox to my colleagues.” 

I was completely blown away by the level of quality customer service. I was given a quote based on my needs and was able to complete the process on the first call. 


Kevin, Salina, KS

“No Complaints – Hiscox Rocks” 

I appreciated the experience I had with the Hiscox's representative. He was very informative and thorough. He reviewed my policy and answered my questions to my satisfaction. I will be happy to recommend Hiscox's to anyone. Overall my experience was good!


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