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Cyber Crime
Hiscox Cyber Readiness Report

A study of 3,000 companies, this report assesses firms according to their readiness in four key areas – strategy, resourcing, technology and process.

Hiscox Guide to Employee Lawsuits

Hiscox Guide to Employee Lawsuits reveals which states have the highest probability of employees filing lawsuits.

Hiscox DNA of an Entrepreneur Report

Now in its ninth year, The Hiscox DNA of an Entrepreneur report is a global study that surveyed more than 4,000 small and medium-sized business owners about the financial pressures, stresses, opportunities and challenges they currently face.

Hiscox Embezzlement Study

Based on publicly available data regarding 400 US federal court cases, the Embezzlement Study profiles at risk businesses and the characteristics of embezzlers.

Small Business Cyber Report

An assessment of the state of small business cyber security risks.

Hiscox Workplace Harassment Study

Compiled from a survey of 500 full-time employees, this report provides an understanding of the prevalence of workplace harassment in US businesses.

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Hiscox Guide to Employee Lawsuits


Hiscox DNA of Entrepreneur Report


Hiscox Embezzlement Study

Media Spokespeople

Hiscox has a number of spokespeople who can comment on specific industry and company issues according to their expertise. Please contact our Head of Communications, Lou Casale, to request a briefing or to find out more.

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Head of Communications, Hiscox USA

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