Meet courageous entrepreneurs who followed their passion

Learn to work smarter, not harder, from those who started a business while working a full-time job, but never lost sight of the need for balance.

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    Dr. Karen Jacobson

    Starting a side hustle within an existing, thriving business

    Just because your business is thriving doesn’t mean it’s perfect for you. That’s one thing Dr. Karen Jacobson realized as she started to transition from her thriving chiropractic practice to something new. One of the hardest parts of that process was leaving the safety of what is known, for the adventure of what is unknown, and answering the question many entrepreneurs struggle with: When do I take the leap?

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    Quit your job with no plan? Sometimes it works out.

    Have you ever wondered what would happen if you just quit your job with no plan for what you would do next? In this episode Sanjay talks with Jim Garrison who did just that. Thirty-two years later, Jim has a successful business and reflects on the twists, turns, and lessons he learned along the way. He also has great advice if you are thinking of making the same jump: “Don’t be afraid and start today.”

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    Larry Dukhovny

    Building confidence while building a business

    After getting his first computer at age 9, Larry Dukhovny began his life as a self-proclaimed computer geek. This passion for technology prompted his career path in IT consulting. After freelancing for six years, Larry founded MyBizGeek in 2013. Passionate about believing in yourself and the value of your service, Larry now advocates for building inner confidence to accelerate your business and attract new clients.

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    Grant Nichols, BluWave Technology

    Grant Nichols’ personality type? Entrepreneurial

    When it comes to personality types, there is Meyers Briggs and StrengthsFinder, among others. But Grant Nichols uses a more general term when describing himself: entrepreneurial. He constantly brainstorms new business ideas, researches their market potential, and vets the project’s viability with his friends and family. Grant founded his current business, BluWave Technologies, to help manufacturing companies increase operational efficiency.

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    Jacari Harris, Author, Speaker and Influencer

    Speaking from experience: Inspiring hope and evolution

    Jacari Harris is an author, sought-after speaker, and social media influencer who uses his experience growing up in the foster care system to inspire hope and encourage transformation. As his tenure as Executive Director of the George Floyd Memorial Foundation closes, Jacari Harris is preparing for what’s next: increasing his influence at speaking engagements and growing his coaching business, Stimulating Success.

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