Meet courageous entrepreneurs who followed their passion

Learn to work smarter, not harder, from those who started a business while working a full-time job, but never lost sight of the need for balance.

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When Craftsmanship Meets Entrepreneurship: How a cabinetmaker built a business

Josh Crandal went from building a TV stand in his childhood bedroom to crafting everything from elegant kitchen cabinets to custom living room wall units. It was the overwhelmingly positive reaction of a customer that inspired Josh to pursue a path to entrepreneurship.

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Former teacher launches a magazine

Angela Yungk began her career as a teacher but quickly found herself searching for a new direction in life. Along with her business partner, Angela eventually went on to create and launch Art Hive Magazine. Learn more about how Angela built a brand and business from scratch, and how she approaches marketing and promotions. This is the story of how you can break into a new industry with no previous experience and find success.

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After school teacher solves domestic violence shelter’s data problem

Steven Jenkins knew someone who had experienced domestic violence. He wanted to help others who had experienced the same so he decided to volunteer at a local domestic violence shelter. What Steven would come to learn was the database the shelter was using was inadequate and the staff was spending too much time on data collection when they could be helping people at the shelter. Here’s the story of how Steven set out to solve that problem, and how he turned a volunteer position into a full time job and eventually a business.

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Attorney turns passion for yoga into a business

As Claire Zovko was wrapping up her college basketball career, she took her first yoga class and discovered a new passion. Years later, while practicing law and advancing her own knowledge of yoga, Claire began to teach yoga and eventually found herself in a position to run her own yoga studio. This is the story of how a passion can turn into a business.

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Going once, going twice. A fundraising auctioneer is born at a talent show

After serving in the US Army and enjoying a successful career in financial  services, TiWanna Kenney found herself on stage hosting an auction. She fell in love with the work and the positive impact it can have on the lives of others. Here’s how TiWanna developed her talent and how she’s bringing diversity and inspiring change in her industry.

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Engineer turned leadership and team consultant helps teams reach their full potential

Maureen Monte is a Leadership and Team Consultant and author of Destination Unstoppable. Maureen began her career as an engineer but eventually realized she was more than a problem solver; she was a people problem solver. Hear how Maureen turned her side hustle into a full-time business and how you can unlock the untapped talent on your team.

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From The US Foreign Service to Helping Students Strive for their Best
Tina Tran Neville and her parents left Vietnam to come to the United States when she was a young girl. Learn how that experience shaped her journey from US Foreign Service Officer to high school teacher to founder of Transcend Academy, which provides test preparation and college advising services. Tina’s story is what the American Dream is all about.

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Entrepreneurs don’t always fly solo.

Jared Novack met his future business partners at the Syracuse University student newspaper. They would go on to work in the newsrooms of The New York Times and The Boston Globe, and eventually launch Upstatement, a design and engineering studio. Hear how Jared and his college friends grew a side hustle into a robust business that is producing creative work for some of the world’s leading brands, products, publishers and non-profits.

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