Hiscox is committed to ensuring our online products and services are available to everyone, regardless of their ability. As this is an ongoing commitment, we will continue to review, test and modify our website for accessibility issues.

Web accessibility standards

Our goal is to conform to all web accessibility guidelines, and we are actively working to move all pages to a format that meets this standard.

We are also committed to ensuring that:

  • All images on our site contain appropriate alternate text
  • Pages and images are optimized to load quickly and smoothly
  • Foreground and background colors ensure sufficient contrast, or that alternative text is provided (in the case of images)
  • Content is written clearly, concisely and free of jargon
  • All pages use headings
  • All calls to action are highlighted with icons, different color fonts, and/or underlined
  • Symbols are used correctly and in context
  • Consistent navigation and page layout are used
  • All forms are navigable using a keyboard
  • Submit buttons are included on all forms
  • Cascading style sheets are used to control layout and presentation

We use JavaScript to deliver an enhanced user experience for things like rollover menus and conditional content visibility. Google has further information on how to enable JavaScript.

Useful resources