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General Liability plus coverage for property.

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What is a Business Owner's Policy?

A Business Owner's Policy (BOP) is an enhanced insurance policy that combines general liability insurance and property insurance.

Many small business owners mistakenly believe that if they have general liability insurance their own losses are covered, as well as the losses of their customers. But a general liability policy does not protect you when it comes to your own property. If you want to protect your own property, consider buying a Business Owner's Policy (BOP).

Why do I need a Business Owner's Policy?

A Hiscox business owner's policy provides you with general liability insurance coverage and also protects your business with third-party protection against bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, business equipment, and more. You should also consider this policy if you own your office building, as it may be covered as well, or if you have tools or equipment you rely on to do your work. Even better, you can customize your policy with our policy upgrades, which gives you the right coverage at a great price as you only pay for what you really need. No more, no less.

How much does a Business Owner's Policy cost?

The cost of a business owner's policy varies based on the size of your business, the industry you are in, your location, and the amount of coverage you need.

For more information on the cost of business owner's insurance coverage, visit our cost page.

  IT/Technology Consultant Business Consultant
State CA MA
Business equipment insured $35,000 $10,000
Property deductible $500 $1,000
General Liability Insurance per occurrence limit $1,000,000 $1,000,0000
General Liability Insurance per aggregate limit $2,000,000 $2,000,000
Monthly cost $41.67/mo. $63.50/mo.
Annual cost $500 $762

Quotes will vary by business depending on the size of the business, the state your business is located in, and the limits/deductions selected. 

What does a Business Owner's Policy cover?

General liability insurance

General liability insurance which protects your business from another person or business’ claims of bodily injury, associated medical costs and damage to their property.

Hiscox business owners policy with general liability insurance covers:

  • Property damage: You need not worry if you accidentally damage someone else’s property because we’ll cover claims of damage if you’re held legally liable. We also cover legal costs if you’re sued, without reducing your limits of liability.
  • Bodily injury: You’re covered if someone other than yourself, or an employee is injured at your workplace, and if you’re held legally liable. We also cover legal costs if you’re sued without reducing your limits of liability.
  • Personal injury: Hiscox protects you against claims of libel or slander incurred through the delivery of your professional services.
  • Electronic data liability: Added for consultants and technology service providers, we cover your liability for loss of someone’s electronic data resulting from the physical damage of property (e.g., an employee accidentally damages a client’s server resulting in the loss of the client's data).
  • Advertising injury: We protect you against the unintentional use of a third party’s advertising idea, copyright or trade slogan if it’s used as part of your advertising (press advertisement or email).
  • Damages to premises rented: If you rent or use a property with permission of the owner (e.g., office space or a conference facility) and cause a fire, our policy provides protection from such a liability claim.
  • Medical expenses: If an accident occurs and a third party is injured, your Hiscox general liability insurance policy will also cover any associated medical expenses up to $5,000 for each injured person.
  • Supplemental payments: We cover the following without reducing your limit of liability:
    • All expenses we incur, including the defense of lawsuits.
    • Up to $250 a day for loss of earnings and reasonable expenses incurred while assisting us in the investigation of the claim against you.
  • Defense costs: If you’re sued, we'll appoint an attorney to defend you, if necessary. We’ll defend a lawsuit even if the claims are groundless, and we’ll pay the defense costs on your behalf without reducing your limits of liability.
  • Actions of your full-time employees and temporary staff: We provide coverage for the actions of your full-time employees and temporary staff that are performed on behalf of your business.
  • Worldwide insurance coverage: We cover damages occurring in the United States, its territories and Canada. We also offer some coverage for short periods of travel outside these areas.

Property liability insurance

Property liability insurance covers your business furniture and equipment at up to five different office locations, including accidental damage.

This information is provided to assist you in understanding the coverage we offer and does not modify the terms and conditions of any Insurance policy, nor does it imply that any claim is covered. Coverage is subject to underwriting, terms, conditions, and limits of the policy.

Customize your Business Owner's Policy

Depending upon the specific needs of your business, you can customize your BOP policy by choosing options such as:

What a Business Owner's Policy doesn’t cover

  • Use of vehicles and boats: We won't cover any claims arising out of the ownership or use of an automobile or a watercraft.
  • Personally identifiable information: We won’t cover your failure to protect any personally identifiable information that is in your care, custody or control.
  • Your property: We won’t cover claims for damage to property you own or the property of others you may have in your care, custody or control.
  • Client damages: if you provide inaccurate or incomplete advice to a client.
  • Professional Services: Your Hiscox general liability policy will not cover any professional services performed by you. To obtain coverage for your services, please see our coverage page for professional liability insurance.

To get coverage for professional services you can choose to buy a professional liability insurance policy in addition to a Business Owner's Policy.

See more Business Owner Policy FAQs

Get Business Insurance that best meets your needs

A business owner's policy will not protect you from everything. For example, business owner's policy will not cover you against claims of negligence, even if it isn’t your or your business’ fault. Some people buy other business liability insurance along with a business owner's policy.

  • General

    The basic protection for claims against your business.

  • Professional
    Liability (E&O)

    Protection for specific risks in your field.

  • Business
    Owners Policy

    General Liability plus coverage for property.

  • Cyber

    Protection from cyber-related security risks.

  • Short-Term

    Purchase coverage for a specific period of time.

  • Medical
    Malpractice (E&O)

    Protection for claims against your medical practice.

  • Workers

    Protection for employees who are injured or become ill on the job.

  • More

    Umbrella, Auto, Directors and Officers, and more.

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