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Man on laptop wondering why he needs insurance as a freelancer
Freelancers liability insurance: What you need to know

Freelancers know that working for yourself can be a double-edged sword. You have tons of flexibility, but if something goes wrong, it lands on you, whether you are at fault or not.

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padlock on red and black background depciting cyber security

A cyber security expert answers your ransomware questions

What is ransomware? Who is vulnerable? And most importantly, how can you protect your small business from the havoc it can wreak? We sat down with Christopher Hojnowski, Vice President and Product Head, Technology and Cyber for Hiscox USA to talk about how to protect your business from ransomware attacks. 

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male and female employees in office, working from laptops. Fraud and embezzlement.

The risk of fraud and embezzlement when employees work from home

More employees working from home can lead to a higher risk of fraud and embezzlement. Here are the warning signs that business owners should watch out for. 

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Vector image of man's hand holding funnel with dollar sign at the top and receipt paper coming out of the other end. Payroll taxes for small business.

Should small businesses defer payroll taxes?

The new payroll tax deferral is supposed to help put more money into employees' pockets to help them manage these uncertain times. But is it the right choice for your small business? Find out more.

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Woman watching video on laptop. Crisis. Great Recession. Small business.

Lessons from the Great Recession we can apply to the pandemic

Did we learn anything from the last recession that we can apply to help us through this one? Plus, what we can learn from this one to be better prepared for the next one.

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US Cares Act blog image

More updates: Paycheck Protection Program loan deadline extended

The $2.2T CARES Act includes stimulus funds to help small businesses retain and rehire employees. Learn how it can help you stay in business.

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New cyber risks to small businesses working remotely right now

Many businesses have mandated or are encouraging their employees to work from home recently. However, there are some security challenges small businesses could face. Here are some of the top threats small businesses may face with their employees working remotely.

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