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Who needs handyman insurance?

A handyman may face a customer’s claims of bodily injury, property damage, or personal injury. Not only can these types of claims tarnish an established professional reputation, but they can be financially devastating to a small business. As a business providing specialized services to your customers, you face unique risks. At Hiscox, we understand these risks and customize handyman liability insurance quotes to fit your specific needs.

Because of the wide range of services you provide to your clients, it’s important to review other relevant coverage packages.

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Handyman Policies Available

General Liability Insurance for Handymen

General liability insurance, sometimes called commercial general liability (CGL), could protect your business from another person or business’s claims of bodily injury, associated medical costs, personal injury, and damage to property. This coverage is useful for service providers performing repairs and maintenance in residential homes or commercial businesses. Having a reliable handyman insurance policy from Hiscox gives small business owners, like you, peace of mind to do the work at which you are skilled.

Here are a few examples of how general liability insurance can protect your business:

  • Bodily injury: An elderly client trips over your ladder, falling and breaking his arm. You could be liable for medical costs, but a general insurance policy could cover those costs.
  • Property damage: A customer hires you to replace several interior doors in her home. While you are working on the job, your colleague drops one of the doors and it smashes a collection of antique figurines. A handyman liability insurance policy could cover the cost to replace the items.
  • Personal injury: While at lunch, one of your employees talks to the owner of the shop about a client in a false and unflattering way. The client learns of this discussion and sues for slander. We may cover the subsequent claim, up to your policy's limits of liability, and pay for an attorney to defend you if necessary.


These are just a few of the many reasons why insurance for handymen is so essential in today’s litigious world. Arm yourself for worst-case scenarios with Hiscox by your side.

Learn more about general liability insurance costs for your business. 

Why do handymen choose Hiscox?

  • Flexible payment options: We offer you the option of making monthly payments (with no additional fees) to help you manage your cash flow.
  • Tailored insurance: We specialize in businesses like yours and tailor coverage to the risks in your field.
  • Claims responsiveness: When a covered claim is reported, Hiscox will immediately assign a dedicated claims representative to assist you.
  • Coverage for contracts: Our architects insurance coverage satisfies most standard contract insurance requirements.
  • Worldwide coverage: A business insured through Hiscox is covered for work done anywhere in the world, as long as the claim is filed in the U.S., a U.S. Territory or Canada.
  • Passion for service: Agents knowledgeable about your business concerns will provide you with excellent service—4.7/5 people surveyed recommended us.

Professionals of various backgrounds all over the country trust Hiscox for their handyman liability insurance needs. This is because Hiscox takes the time to understand what goes into this profession day-to-day and where the greatest opportunities for risk lie. It is our job to protect you from those risks with fast and free insurance quotes, top-notch customer service, and coverage that will help you do your job better. 

Get a fast, free quote now and get that Hiscox confidence behind your handyman business. If you prefer, you can call us at 1-866-283-7545 and speak with a Hiscox licensed agent, Monday – Friday, 7am – 10pm ET.

This information is provided to assist you in understanding the coverage we offer and does not modify the terms and conditions of any insurance policy, nor does it imply that any claim is covered. Specific coverage terms can vary by class of business. Coverages are subject to underwriting and may not be available in all states.