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Who needs snow removal insurance?

During dangerous wintery conditions, snow removal professionals who plow sidewalks or clear commercial parking lots and private driveways often need small business insurance because of the risks they take to keep the rest of the community safe. Common scenarios where insurance can protect you and your business include a customer’s slip-and-fall accident over your equipment or personal injury due to icy conditions resulting from snow removal.

Additional risks exist where you might not expect them, such as property damage caused by your services and even slanderous comments your employee makes about a customer. If you provide residential snow removal services, Hiscox can help empower you with each new customer you take on. We encourage snow removers to turn to Hiscox, a leading small business insurance company with origins dating back to 1901. Hiscox understands the specific risks associated with owning and operating a snow removal business, which is why we customize our business insurance coverage to fit your profession’s needs. 

In addition to snow removal liability insurance, we also offer the following types of related insurance that you may be interested in if you provide other seasonal services: 

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Snow removal insurance policies available

General Liability Insurance for snow removal

General liability insurance, sometimes called commercial general liability (CGL), could protect your business from another person or business’s claims of bodily injury, associated medical costs, and damage to property. These types of claims can arise with new clients, existing clients, and even due to the actions of hired employees. 

Since snow removal professionals typically spend their days on-site at customers’ homes and businesses, this coverage provides essential protection. Here are a few situations that could occur while you are going about a routine day of work after a snowstorm. 

  • Bodily injury: A customer trips over your snow blowing equipment while you are clearing a job site. The customer requires a trip to the emergency room for a broken wrist and claims that you are responsible for the medical bill because your equipment caused the injury. 

Regardless of whose fault the accident was, situations like this can put your business at risk. But with Hiscox, your snow removal insurance policy may cover the customer’s medical costs, so you can keep working.

  • Property damage: While removing snow and ice at a customer’s home, one of your employees knocks a large icicle off the house and it breaks a window. The customer files a claim against your business, leaving you responsible to pay for a costly replacement window. 

Even the most skilled employees make mistakes, but Hiscox will help you feel more confident with every new member of your team. A CGL insurance policy may cover the cost to replace damaged property, so you don’t exceed your monthly spending budget.

  • Personal injury: One of your plow drivers is in a coffee shop, and he’s talking about a customer in a false and unflattering manner. The customer finds out about the conversation and sues your business for slander. 

Trust in Hiscox for your small business insurance needs and you could be protected from a costly slander claim, including the cost to defend yourself.

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Why do snow removal professionals choose Hiscox?

Having general liability insurance protection is imperative for snow plowing professionals. But what sets Hiscox apart from other insurance carriers is our expertise in small businesses. We want to support and inspire you to try new business models, invest in the best equipment, and achieve the success you’ve always wanted. We’ve worked with a wide variety of small businesses and snow removal companies, and we’re here for you as you make the most of each winter season. 

Here are six reasons why snow removal professionals make Hiscox their small business insurance company of choice. 

  • Flexible payment options: We offer you the option of making monthly payments (with no additional fees) to help you manage your cash flow.
  • Tailored insurance: We specialize in businesses like yours and tailor coverage to the risks in your field.
  • Claims responsiveness: When a covered claim is reported, Hiscox will immediately assign a dedicated claims representative to assist you.
  • Coverage for contracts: Our architects insurance coverage satisfies most standard contract insurance requirements.
  • Worldwide coverage: A business insured through Hiscox is covered for work done anywhere in the world, as long as the claim is filed in the U.S., a U.S. Territory or Canada.
  • Passion for service: Agents knowledgeable about your business concerns will provide you with excellent service—4.7/5 people surveyed recommended us.

Don’t wait another day to plan for your future and the future of your business. Get a fast, free quote now and get that Hiscox confidence behind your snow removal business. If you prefer, you can call us at 1-866-283-7545 and speak with a Hiscox licensed agent, Monday – Friday, 7am – 10pm ET.


Hiscox Customer Reviews

Hiscox rated 4.7/5
Rated 4.7/5

Allen, Daytona Beach 

Great and really helpful


Juan, San Diego, California

"Love the excellent service access."

Excellent service access.


Richard, San Juan Capistrano, CA

“Agent was very helpful in answering any questions/concerns that I had.  Very pleasant personality.”


Greg, Tallahasse, FL

"Hiscox is the small business insurance company for me. I was very pleased with the  knowledge and help Hiscox provided me. Hiscox small businesses Insurance company was very easy to use and made the purchase process hassle free. I would recommend Hiscox to anyone opening a small business or in small business."


John, Sacramento, CA 

“First time customer, prices seemed fair, customer service very helpful” Very good, first time I’ve purchased one, so I don’t have anything to compare it with, but everything went smoothly. 

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