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Speak with a licensed insurance agent
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Hiscox rated 4.8/5
Rated 4.8/5

Who needs graphic designer insurance?

Graphic designers who create visual concepts or images either by hand or with digital software should have professional and general liability insurance. Graphic designers can face issues when a client has a problem with creative approach, or if there is an accident or injury. Obtaining general liability and professional liability insurance for graphic designers is an excellent way to protect yourself while continuing to provide beneficial services to clients. This is especially true for graphic designers who work privately or own a small business.

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Policies available for graphic designers

For most graphic designers, there are three main types of insurance policies that are worth considering, each providing its own unique aspects of protection to assist you in running your business effectively.

Professional liability insurance for graphic designers

Professional liability insurance—sometimes referred to as errors and omissions or E&O Insurance—provides a number of benefits, such as coverage for personal injury (including libel and slander), defense costs, negligence and claims against past-rendered services. Though events such as fraudulent acts, bodily injury and property damage aren't covered by graphic design professional liability insurance, this form of insurance is important for professionals who regularly provide services or advice to clients.

Here’s an example. A graphic designer creates a design for a marketing postcard announcing a seminar for a financial services company. The designer puts the wrong date for the seminar on the postcard, and the client signs off without noticing the mistake. Even though the client approved the design, they still sue the designer for the mistake. A professional liability insurance policy could cover the cost for the designer to defend themselves, as well as any settlement or judgement.

If a client reacts negatively to your work, accuses you of breaching a confidentiality agreement or otherwise feels as if they or their business have been damaged in some way by the services you provide, they may choose to sue you or your business. Potential issues for designers can come in a number of different forms, but fortunately, you can protect yourself by getting professional liability insurance for graphic designers—an important tool for providing peace of mind.

General liability insurance for graphic designers

Graphic designers can benefit from having a professional liability insurance policy, but there are some scenarios that are not typically covered under this form of insurance. General Liability—commonly called commercial general liability (CGL)—covers graphic designers against property damage, claims of bodily injury and associated medical costs.

For example, if a client comes to a graphic designer’s office, and trips and falls on the stairs, injuring himself or herself, a general liability policy could cover the client’s medical costs, including lost wages.

Though your own property won't typically be covered under general liability insurance, damage sustained to third-party property will be.

Business owner policy (BOP) for graphic designers

For some, a business owners policy (BOP) may make sense. A BOP is a combination of general liability and business property insurance, typically used to provide coverage to small businesses with the aim of protecting valuable equipment.

A BOP policy is important if a graphic designer has sophisticated equipment they use to do their work. For example, if a designer’s computers and printers are stolen or damaged in a fire, a BOP policy would cover the cost to replace the equipment and get the designer’s business back up and running.

Why do graphic designers choose Hiscox?

At Hiscox, we understand just how much work goes into being a designer. Whether you've opened your own business or are working as a graphic designer in a different capacity, we can help you grow your career by reducing risk with our insurance policies, allowing you to focus on what really matters—providing exceptional graphic design services to your clients.

Here are six reasons why graphic designers choose Hiscox above other providers for professional liability insurance and general liability insurance:

  • Flexible payment options: We offer you the option of making monthly payments (with no additional fees) to help you manage your cash flow.
  • Tailored insurance: We specialize in businesses like yours and tailor coverage to the risks in your field.
  • Claims responsiveness: When a covered claim is reported, we will immediately defend you—even if the claim has no basis—and, if necessary, appoint an attorney.
  • Coverage for contracts: Our insurance coverage satisfies most standard contract insurance requirements.
  • Worldwide coverage: We protect you for work done by your business anywhere in the world, as long as the covered claim is filed in the United States, a U.S. territory or Canada.
  • Passion for service: Agents knowledgeable about your business concerns will provide you with excellent service—4.7/5 people surveyed recommended us.

Ready to learn more about how Hiscox insurance can help mitigate risk with graphic design small business coverage? Get a fast, free quote online. If you have questions, call us at 1-866-283-7545 and speaking with a Hiscox licensed agent, Monday – Friday, 7am – 10pm ET.

Hiscox Customer Reviews

Hiscox rated 4.8/5
Rated 4.8/5

Guy, Bentonville, AR 

“Professional caring service” 

The agency was vary helpful , professional and well informed they gave me a good fair rate! As I'm just starting a company this was most important!


Moses, Idaho Falls, ID 

“Friendly Approach and clear communication” 

They were Friendly and Communicated clearly. 


Jennifer, Vista, CA

“Happy New Business Policy Customer” 

Simple, easy to use online quotation system. I followed up with a live agent to amend the limits on a policy. The agent couldn’t have been more pleasant to deal with, and informative. Very satisfying experience, over all.


Pris, Grain Valley, MO

Easy and affordable


James, Hagerstown, MD 

“Easy online availability” 

Simple fast coverage online. 

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