Massage Therapy Insurance: Here’s Why You Need It

December 02, 2014

Massage therapist insurance is necessary to prevent any potential lawsuits that may derail your small business.

Starting your own massage therapy business is hard enough without factoring in the potential legal snags that could be thrown your way one day. Because massage therapists perform physical techniques on their clients, there is always a chance that accidental injuries or other incidents may occur. Here are some message therapist insurance tips to think about if you've started, or are planning to start, a massage therapy business.

  • Potential Injuries Caused by a Third Party Claim

Clients can injure themselves in an infinite number of ways, and some of these injuries could occur in your place of business. If clients hurt themselves by tripping over a step in your workspace, they could file a claim against your business for negligence. General liability insurance can help protect your business from these lawsuits.  

  • Potential Injuries Caused by Your Services

Sometimes injuries can occur, or be exacerbated, as a result of your services, even when you are careful with your clients. You may perform a session on a client looking to ease some discomfort in a specific area of their body and unknowingly make their injury worse. Professional liability insurance can protect your business from injury claims and may save your business from the financial and reputational pitfalls that come from a liability lawsuit.  

  • Possible Sexual Harassment or Misconduct

Professional liability insurance can sometimes be the only thing covering your business from lawsuits filed against you or one of your employees for sexual misconduct. Even if your business is not at fault, having that extra protection can help keep your business afloat if legal action is taken.

Massage therapy can be a risky industry, due to the amount of physical contact required in everyday business activities. There could a chance that a client will misconstrue a routine procedure as something more sinister, and sometimes you can’t help if a client is injured while on your watch. Having massage insurance can help ensure your small business is protected from any range of liability lawsuits, so that you can keep massaging in the future.

Tell us! What are some risks you've taken while starting your massage therapy business? Is your business covered against potential liabilities?

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