4 Major Tends in Women's Entrepreneurship

Although they are traditionally underrepresented in the business world, women have always been entrepreneurs. Women have been driven to start and maintain businesses of their own throughout history. Today, women have a greater opportunity to "have it all" than ever before. Read More

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How to form a local business alliance

You don’t have to be a big company to take advantage of the benefits of size. Learn how to align with businesses that share your goals to increase the exposure of your business. Learn More

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Managing millennials as a small business

Considering that millennials will be about 75 percent of the global workforce by 2025, managing and appealing to this generation is more important than ever. Read More

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6 Benefits of Business Strategy and Strategic Management

Learn about the benefits of studying business management if you want to become an effective leader. You can grow your small business by investing more time in learning about business management techniques. However, you first need to understand basic business management concepts. Read More

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How to develop a sustainability plan for a small business in four steps

As society grows increasingly eco-conscious, it's no wonder that the business world is following suit. Companies and their leaders are beginning to recognize the value of environmental stewardship not only as a means of safeguarding natural resources but also as an intelligent PR strategy. Read More

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How do tariffs affect businesses? Here are 4 important ways

Small business leaders need the skills to make the best of adverse situations. With limited power to effect economic change, you have to accept the hand you're dealt, and external factors like tariffs might force you to rethink your strategy. Read More

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What is the CVE-2019-0708 vulnerability?

CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) is a list of publicly disclosed cyber security vulnerabilities and exposures. CVE-2019-0708 is a severe vulnerability in a feature called RDP found in older versions of Windows. Read More

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