4 Major Tends in Women's Entrepreneurship

Although they are traditionally underrepresented in the business world, women have always been entrepreneurs. Women have been driven to start and maintain businesses of their own throughout history. Today, women have a greater opportunity to "have it all" than ever before. Read More

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Woman on laptop at work looking up small business grants for which she should apply

15 Small business grants all women entrepreneurs should apply for

It can be difficult for startup companies to become profitable and small businesses led by women are at a disadvantage. Data from the loan market suggests that female entrepreneurs are 5 percent less likely to receive conventional business loans. Learn More

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How working from home could help your company and employees

Businesses nationwide seem to be rushing to put working from home programs into place. However, if you’re new to remote working, you may be pleasantly surprised by the advantages that working from home can offer your business. Read More

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6 Tips for hiring employees for your small business

Since hiring employees for your small business is so important to your company's growth and success, here are 6 tips to help you make the right decisions. Read More

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6 Local marketing tips for small businesses

Eighty percent of Americans shop online, so it’s more important than ever for business to have a local online presence. Read More

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Group wondering why its important to hire the right employees

Why it's important to hire the right employees in a young company

Hiring the right employees is a crucial component of success at any company. At a young company, however, hiring the right employees can make or break your business venture. Read More

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2019 Small business digital marketing tips and ideas

The digital economy is increasingly competitive, and this situation requires new business owners to develop and deploy marketing strategies that address the rapidly changing environment. Read More

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