4 Major Trends in Women's Entrepreneurship

March 07, 2018

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Female Entrepreneurship is on the rise

Although they are traditionally underrepresented in the business world, women have always been entrepreneurs. Women have been driven to start and maintain businesses of their own throughout history. Today, women have a greater opportunity to "have it all" than ever before, and  women-owned businesses are becoming increasingly prevalent as a result. Women are now starting businesses at a rate 1.5 times higher than the average, and those numbers are poised to improve with future opportunities

Challenges faced by women-owned businesses

Women entrepreneurs face all the struggles of their male counterparts: access to capital, managing growth and allocating resources. However, being a woman in business still is not easy. They may also face discrimination and the daily difficulty of juggling multiple identities as mothers and bosses.

Understanding the trends

Understanding the trends of women in business is the first step to paving the way for greater success and progress. The Rise of Women Entrepreneurs highlights the key opportunities and challenges faced by women entrepreneurs. Despite the challenges and difficulties faced by women in the business world, women entrepreneurs are growing bolder and more optimistic about the future.

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