Marketing ideas to promote your small business

Small business owners usually have a limited budget for marketing, which makes it important for them to use the most effective methods for maximizing conversions. There are several types of sales promotion examples that work well for small businesses. If you want to grow your business and reach more people in your target market, include these six effective sales promotion tactics when you plan your marketing strategy. Read More

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Smart phone with dollar sign on the screen and with tubes protruding from it. Affiliate marketing for small business.

Why affiliate marketing programs are good for small businesses

Many small businesses face a common problem: How do I get my name out there without a large marketing budget? One solution is affiliate marketing programs. Here's how to get started. Read More

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Black business owner sitting at computer with coffee.

What businesses can do to support social justice right now

Even in the midst of an unpredictable environment, there are opportunities for businesses to thrive. Use these steps to advocate for social justice within your business. Read More

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How to find Facebook groups in your industry to help grow your business

With so many businesses going remote, business owners should look into virtual networking, by way of Facebook groups, to find valuable insight from other entrepreneurs in their industry.   Read More

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4 Tax deductions for independent contractors

Make sure you take advantage of the tax deductions that come with being an independent contractor. Here are four business-related expenses that can help your bottom line at tax time. Read More

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6 Local marketing tips for small businesses

Eighty percent of Americans shop online, so it’s more important than ever for business to have a local online presence. Read More

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2019 Small business digital marketing tips and ideas

The digital economy is increasingly competitive, and this situation requires new business owners to develop and deploy marketing strategies that address the rapidly changing environment. Read More

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