Tutors Required to Carry Liability Insurance in Some Districts -Small Business Blog

November 02, 2012

Tutoring is a very fulfilling experience - individuals working with kids in need of extra help can provide the guidance they need to grasp the concepts and succeed.

Teachers, both active and retired, current students and college grads spend time after school hours working with children to help them understand math equations or help improve their reading level – something that not only helps a child succeed in school, but boosts self-esteem.

Children with low reading levels often struggle and become discouraged which leads to a decrease in their overall academic performance. As they slip further behind, quitting school begins to look like the best way out of the hole they are in. Tutors play an important part in ensuring these kids succeed so that quitting isn’t an option.

Tutors are performing noble work, but can sometimes run into logistical challenges to effectively helping their students/clients. Unfortunately, in today’s legal environment that is not always the case. Many school districts are advised to be cautious about who they allow onto their premises. Even though most tutors have the best intentions at heart, accidents do happen and the school district does not want to be liable for potential mistakes.

That is why many volunteers are required to carry their own general liability insurance with the school district named as an additional insured. This will protects the tutor and the school from the financial consequence of property damage occurring during the use of the school’s educational equipment.

General liability insurance will also cover some medical expenses incurred to treat an injured child should they trip and fall under during a tutoring session. In these tough economic times school districts do not want to risk expensive lawsuits and neither should you. If you’re tutoring kids make sure you've got the right insurance in place to protect you from a lawsuit.