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This page provides details of some common business insurance requests. Often these are requested by your clients or landlord and we know that sometimes you can’t start a project until you have this extra paperwork in place. We can help in most cases and will email your updated documents immediately. If you have any questions, please call one of our licensed agents.

Additional insureds

Need to add an additional insured to your policy?

If you’re an existing customer fill out our simple online form to add an additional insured to your policy. If you need immediate assistance please call our advisors to add an additional insured to your policy in minutes. For new customers, you can purchase your policy online and then fill out our simple online form or just call our advisors and complete your entire transaction over the phone.

Why is my client requesting this?

An additional insured is another person or entity that is added as an insured to your policy, but only protects them for your acts (not their own). For example, your client or landlord may want to be protected by your insurance policy in case your actions result in a claim being made against them, too. If they are an additional insured under your policy, your policy would protect them and they do not have to worry about their insurance responding to an action which you are responsible.

Hiscox can help

Fill out our simple online form to add an additional insured to your policy. If you need immediate assistance please call one of our licensed agents and we can add additional insureds to your policy immediately.


Certificate of insurance

Why is my client requesting this?

A Certificate of Insurance (or “Cert”) provides evidence to another person that an insurance policy is in place for you or your business. It displays the type of insurance you purchased, the limits and deductibles on your policy, who is insured, the name of the insurance company issuing the policy and the effective/expiration dates of your policy.

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We email your certificate a certificate of insurance immediately after purchasing your policy along with your policy documents.


Acord insurance certificate

Why is my client requesting this?

An Acord certificate is widely accepted certificate of insurance and is frequently issued by most insurance agents and brokers.

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Our standard policy documents include a certificate of insurance, but an Acord certificate also can be issued upon request. Fill out our simple online form or call our licensed agents, and they will be happy to process your request and email your Acord certificate.


Waiver of subrogation

Why is my client requesting this?

Subrogation, in the context of insurance, is when an insurance company, after paying a loss, inherits your rights in order to recoup its payment from another party (e.g., your client or your landlord) if they are also partially responsible for the loss. An insurance company waives its right to seek subrogation against the third party if you have waived your right to recoup any losses against that other party. The third party may want your policy to cover 100% of a loss for which they may be partially at fault, without having to face the potential of you or your insurance company attempting to recoup some of the loss against them.

Hiscox can help

If your client requests a waiver of subrogation, please contact one of our licensed agents at 866-283-7545 and have a copy of your contract available.


ISO form

Why is my client requesting this?

The Insurance Services Organization (ISO) creates policy forms frequently used by many insurance companies. These forms are standard for the industry.

Hiscox can help

Hiscox issues ISO forms for our Commercial General Liability (CGL) and Business Owners Policy (BOP) which are emailed to you immediately after purchasing either one of these policies.


Primary & non-contributory clause

Why is my client requesting this?

A primary policy is the first policy to respond to a loss or claim. Your clients may not want their own insurance policy to also respond in the event the loss can be shared between your insurance policy and their own. This clause would specifically state that your policy is the primary policy. Your client’s policy would then respond in the event your limits are exhausted or your policy could not respond for some other reason.

Hiscox can help

Our policies contain industry-standard primary and noncontributing clauses and exceptions. Our policy language explains how our insurance will respond and when other insurance may apply on a primary basis.


Broad form contractual liability

Why is my client requesting this?

Contractual liability covers liability transferred in different types of business contracts, some of which may be insured by your policy.

Hiscox can help

Our policies, like those of many other insurance companies, include standard contractual liability coverage and exclusions that are spelled out in our policy documents. Coverage varies depending on the type of insurance you purchase. The ability to transfer of contractual liability between parties may be limited by your state’s laws, so it is best to speak with an attorney as to the specifics of your contract and local laws.

If you have any questions regarding our contractual liability coverage or any other information provided here, please call one our licensed agents at 866-283-7545.

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