Riskiest states for employee lawsuits

March 31, 2014

A Hiscox study revealed the riskiest states for employee lawsuits.

Today, Hiscox released a survey detailing the best and worst areas for employee lawsuits in the US.  Four states - California, Illinois, Alabama and Mississippi - along with the District of Columbia, were the top five riskiest areas of the US for employee lawsuits. Businesses in these states and jurisdictions face a substantially higher risk of being sued by their employees compared to the national average.

States with highest risk of employee lawsuits - California (42% higher chance of being sued by an employee), District of Columbia (32% above the national average), Illinois (26% higher), Alabama (25% higher), Mississippi (19% higher).

States with the lowest risk of employee lawsuits - Washington (30% lower chance of being sued by an employee), Kentucky (30% below the national average), Michigan (21% lower), Massachusetts (19% lower)  and West Virginia (15% lower).

Read our press release for more details.