Personal Vehicle Insurance May Not Be Enough To Protect Small Businesses

November 14, 2013

Commercial vehicle insurance can protect small businesses from everyday road risks, whether your employees use cars or trucks.

Most people know what a commercial fleet looks like: matching trucks with the company’s name clearly painted on the sides. But many small businesses rely on various vehicles to deliver goods and services. A landscaping company needs trucks, vans, and trailers to do their work. A popular local restaurant counts on timely deliveries to keep their customers happy. Real estate appraisers need reliable transportation to reach properties far and wide.

And while most states have laws requiring commercial vehicles to be clearly marked, many small business owners overlook the need for commercial vehicle insurance coverage. This problem stems in part from misunderstandings about how much coverage you can expect from a personal auto policy. In fact, most personal policies exclude coverage for business purposes. That kid delivering your pizza may think his auto policy covers him while he’s working. But if he’s in an accident while on the job, he’s in for a shock. And the business owner may face the consequences.

If you’re a small business owner who relies on cars or trucks to do your job, you need a commercial vehicle insurance policy that will protect your business from the hazards of the road. Even if you use you personal car for business, your personal policy only covers your commute to and from the office.

The mistake many small business owners make is to assume that they don’t need commercial vehicle insurance coverage if they don’t own a fancy fleet of trucks. But if your employees drive their cars on company time to do company business, you need commercial insurance. If your employees use cars or trucks to transport workers or materials to a work site, you need a commercial policy.

Without the protection offered by vehicle policies specifically designed to cover business use, you are putting your business at risk every day. Don’t lose sleep about it. Contact an insurance professional to learn about how a commercial vehicle insurance policy can best protect both your employees and your business. is a free online platform where consumers can easily find and obtain competitive insurance quotes multiple top-rated carriers for individuals and small businesses. Since 1996, EINSURANCE has been a fast, convenient, one-stop resource for auto, business, life, health and home insurance. For up-to-date news about insurance and the best available rates for all your insurance needs, visit