Small Business Owners Losing Sleep but Not Losing Hope in 2012

October 09, 2012

The 4th annual Hiscox DNA of an Entrepreneur survey is out and entrepreneurs, true to form, are largely optimistic about the future.

According to the Hiscox DNA of an Entrepreneur study, 49% of small business owners and leaders across the US, the UK and Europe are positive about the year ahead for their business. 55% of those in the US were optimistic, a 10% increase over last year.

The good news is entrepreneurs are more positive that things are trending in the right direction – over 64% of US small businesses surveyed reported an increase in customers last year. But, today’s economic environment continues to weigh on them. The economic downturn has caused US small business owners increased stress (49%), problems sleeping (35%), negative health impacts (24%) and worries about personal bankruptcy (21%).

Next week we’ll dig into some of the other areas we surveyed including the best marketing techniques, thoughts on new recruits and ease of small business financing.

Dig into the 2012 Hiscox DNA of an entrepreneur study yourself. Do our findings match your experiences last year and what you’re expecting in 2013?

2012 hiscox dna entrepreneur infograph

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