Business insurance 101: Everything you need to know

January 12, 2017

Running a small business is a bit like walking a tightrope – it’s thrilling, but it comes with some risk. It can be hard to know which risks to take, and which to avoid. And what about the ones you can’t see coming?

You need a small business safety net

When you’re trying to balance your business on that tightrope, it helps to have a safety net in case you make a misstep. That’s where business insurance comes in. It can protect your business from the risks you can’t see coming.

If someone slips and falls in your place of business, or if an unhappy customer sues you, you could be looking at a potentially devastating lawsuit. To learn how  business insurance can protect your company by covering the costs associated with these kinds of incidents – even if you haven’t made a mistake – download our Business Insurance 101 guide to business insurance.

What you need to know about business insurance

You don’t need to be an expert in small business insurance – that’s our job – but there are some things you should know.  Business Insurance 101 provides a comprehensive overview of liability insurance for small businesses, including:

  • the types of available insurance for small businesses, and which ones you need
  • a checklist of the information you’ll need to apply for coverage
  • an introduction to business insurance policy documents, like a waiver of subrogation and a certificate of insurance, explained in easy-to-understand language
  • a step-by-step guide to filing a claim and what you can expect during the claims process.

Once you’ve learned about the insurance your business needs, you’ll be ready to get a quote and see how affordable it can be. You can get a quote online in just a few minutes, and your business can be protected starting the very same day.

Hiscox provides business insurance for the courageous

At Hiscox, we encourage courage. We want you to have the courage to take the right risks, confident that you have a safety net you can count on.

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