Meet courageous entrepreneurs who followed their passion

Learn to work smarter, not harder, from those who started a business while working a full-time job, but never lost sight of the need for balance.

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    Josh Bernstein, Josh Bernstein Media

    Exploring the ins and outs of freelancing in today’s world

    Josh Bernstein joins us today to talk all things freelance. As the owner of Josh Bernstein Media, Josh is an expert in Google Ads and paid search and has been running his own business for over 10 years. Sanjay and Josh sit down to debunk myths about freelancing, give important tips on starting out, discuss maintaining a healthy work-life balance while being your own boss, and suggest when to choose a freelancer over an agency.

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    Improving the work environment by going solo

    Rita Ernst wasn't happy with the work environment in the large corporation where she was worked. With a new baby at home, the stress was overwhelming, so she decided to become her own boss. She is now an Organizational Psychologist and Consultant and founder of Ignite Extraordinary, and author of a book on workplace positivity. Hear what Rita has to say about work-life balance and why networking is so important in finding clients that align with your skills and professional goals.

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    Giving equal priority to business, body, and brain

    Kendrick Disch started his branded content studio, Vertical River, in 2019. Before starting his business, Kendrick was a video production manager, studio manager, and photographer. Today, he’s focused on growing Vertical River through ‘sustainable storytelling’ while prioritizing his health as a new founder. By giving equal priority to his business, exercise, and personal relationships, Kendrick sets himself up for success.

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    Inspired by her kids, Monique dishes up SoulFull cooking

    As a mom to two young children, Monique Henderson not only planned birthday parties but also cooked for all the guests. When her cooking garnered positive praise, Monique thought, “I could make this a side hustle.” In 2017, she began her catering business, SoulFull Caterers, which serves customers in the Washington DC area. Monique’s goal? Buying a food truck, so she can bring home cooking on wheels to events, fairs, and college campuses.

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    Moving from Wall Street to three-time entrepreneur

    Yong-Soo Chung always knew he wanted to own a business. While working on Wall Street, he dreamed of running a hedge fund. When he left finance and bought a one-way ticket to California, his dream of owning a business remained unchanged, but the product he offered shifted. Since 2015, Yong-Soo has founded three companies: Urban EDC, a carry gear brand; Growth Jet, a third-party logistics provider; and Spotted By Humphrey, a curated dog boutique.

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