Meet courageous entrepreneurs who followed their passion

Learn to work smarter, not harder, from those who started a business while working a full-time job, but never lost sight of the need for balance.

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    Asynchronous Work-Journalistic

    Remote Work: How employers continue to evolve

    Even before COVID, companies have been adopting and adapting the remote work model. In this episode, we dive deep into the world of remote work and speak with three different entrepreneurs who have had to evolve their businesses to fit the changing needs of their employees and clients. Join us as we uncover the opportunities and challenges of getting the job done remotely and embrace the future of work.

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    Where hospitality, wellness and business meet

    Darius Davie is the Founder of Groom Guy, a wellness hospitality agency that specializes in hospitality design, professional hair services, and product partnership. With two locations, one in Washington DC and one in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, Groom Guy offers a fresh perspective on men’s wellness. Sanjay and Darius discuss the importance of cold emailing, understanding your employees, and managing multiple locations.

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    Robby McCullough-Beaver Builder

    Risking everything by going all in on an idea

    Co-Founders Robby, Billy, and Justin were running a successful web design agency when a client came to them with a very specific request for a website with a page builder tool. After discovering a market for this, the three founded Beaver Builder, a WordPress Page Builder Plugin in 2014. Robby McCullough joins Sanjay’s of today’s episode of Side Hustle to Small Business to discuss taking risks, finding your niche, and creating a work-life balance.

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    Knowing your worth after transitioning to self-employment

    Hannah Smolinski has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. From selling homemade bracelets in the second grade, to founding her company Clara CFO Group in 2017, Hannah knows how to attract and retain clients. In this conversation, Hannah and Sanjay discuss burn out, managing cash flow, knowing your worth as a self-employed professional, and taking on additional side hustles to maximize profit.

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    A unique but unexpected business pursuit

    During the early days of the pandemic, Nancy and Viviana Sisneros founded their pretzel company, "Knotty Chix," sparked by a random craving of Nancy's. After three attempts, they perfected their first creation: the Hot Cheeto pretzel. Encouraged by the positive feedback of Facebook friends, they started selling their pretzels to the public. Today, three years down the line, Knotty Chix thrives as a flourishing company.

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