Top 5 Ways to Build Your Small Business Brand Online

March 07, 2012

These days entrepreneurs and small businesses have a lot of different channels they can use to promote their products and build their brands. Social media, blogs and other online channels can be inexpensive and effective tools for small business branding. However, it’s important to understand the expectations of each channel so that you get the best results and create a positive impression of your brand online.

Here are our Top 5 tips for building your brand online:

1. It’s about conversation
Building awareness and affinity for your brand online requires as much listening as it does talking. Pay attention to what people are talking about and provide them helpful advice, not just marketing messages.

2. Know your audience
Speaking the language of your audience in a familiar setting is a key to gaining trust online. Use webinars for focused business discussions and employ a softer touch on the social networks.

3. Be an expert
To gain a following and reach your target customer audience, it’s important to show your expertise on the topics they care about. Spread out and have the right people talk about what they know best.

4. Your people are your brand
Spreading the message and gaining trust online is about forming relationships at a personal level. Let your people represent the brand through their activities and everyone will benefit.

5. Be responsive
The online environment never calls it a day. Particularly for a global business, it’s important to have people constantly tracking your brand and product mentions, either positive or negative. Quickly responding to criticisms and thanking people for positive sentiments will help your brand gain trust and form a community.