Show Your Local Community You Care

March 01, 2013

Does your small business give back to the local community? To get customers vested in your business, consider becoming invested in their neighborhood.

New York - The Hiscox New York Office volunteered at City Year New York, painting murals at the organizations health clinic, Urban Health Plan, to help foster a better environment for the clients served.

Not all small businesses are brick and mortar stores, but many are. And if you’re one of those businesses, you’re in a ripe position to give back to the community your business calls home. Think about it. Personally, you probably like to get to know the neighbors where you live. It’s very possible that you do what you can to interact with the neighbors on your block, so why not do the same for the neighborhood your business “lives in,” especially for non-profit organizations that provide vital resources for the community’s less fortunate.

The National Federation of Independent Businesses, shared some  tips on easy ways to connect with your local community. Your interaction can involve a larger commitment such as organizing a volunteer day for your employees or serving as a drop-off site for donations. Your business is part of a larger network that should be giving back to the community, so it doesn’t matter if your pay it forward is large or small.

Last Saturday, staff from Hiscox’s New York offices gathered bright and early for a service day. The team of volunteers pledged time at City Year New York, a not-for profit that focuses on education in under-served inner city schools in the NYC area. Volunteers were tasked with livening up the Urban Health Plan, a clinic run by City Year that provides low-cost medical services. The simple act of painting murals throughout the space provided the Hiscox team with an immediate connection to the city where Hiscox has its US headquarters.

Not only is becoming involved in the community your business serves the right thing to do, it’s also good for business. Serving the community can lead to positive publicity for your company. A local business paying it forward to a local organization is a soft, uplifting story media outlets are often eager to report. As a previous post from our blog highlights, “Humanizing your small business brand can be rewarding and help you stand out from your competition.”

Consider showing your local community that you care. It will give you and your staff an opportunity to genuinely give back to the community where current customers and potential customers reside. The Hiscox team certainly didn’t expect anything for giving back to the community, but many were pleasantly surprised to receive an Edible Arrangement gift basket from City Year thanking the staff for their involvement. A recognition from the organization for a job well done, was worth its weight in gold!