Podcast Series: Points of Courage

May 25, 2016

It takes courage to start a business. In Points of Courage, Hiscox partners with Slate to feature conversations that celebrate the big risks behind small business. Join host Jessica Jackley - cofounder of the world’s first crowdfunded microlender, Kiva - as she and real Hiscox clients share entrepreneurial insights and #encouragecourage in anyone who believes nothing great is achieved without risk.

About Episode 1: Signing Families

Louise Sattler learned sign language in college on a whim. After two decades working as a school psychologist and using sign language to help children with developmental challenges, Louise Sattler launched Signing Families, a sign language instructional company that provides resources to help first responders, educators and families communicate with individuals with exceptional needs. Sattler speaks honestly and openly about the bumps in the road to success and why she had the courage to keep building.


About Episode 2: Civility Partners

Catherine Mattice’s journey from receptionist at a startup to HR director showed her she could conquer any challenge—even starting her own business. She went on to found Civility Partners, an HR consulting firm dedicated to ending workplace bullying. Catherine opens up about the financial and emotional importance of ending workplace abuse, the courage it took to start her company, and the advice every aspiring entrepreneur should hear.


About Episode 3: Solvegy

Dipesh Patel has done what most people dream of doing but few actually do: Quit their day job to start their own business. He scratched that insatiable itch to successfully launch his technology consulting firm, Solvegy. In this episode, he speaks about providing solutions for an industry the world relies on, the courage it took to get to where he is today, and why his favorite hashtag is #dosomething.


About Episode 4: Inferno Fitness

When Jo Williams joined the U.S. Army, she was out of shape and unclear on where her path was headed. Fifteen years later, Jo is a decorated combat veteran and sits at the head of Inferno Fitness, an exercise brand that spans three states and counting. In this episode, Jessica Jackley goes deep with Jo about the long road she took to shape up her health, life, and career.


About Episode 5: PeerAspect

On paper, there’s a lot that’s admirable about Scott Kaufman: he has a Ph.D. from Columbia University; he worked for years to reduce corporate carbon footprints; he built a successful big data startup, which he founded soon after receiving a life-changing diagnosis. But listen to him talk and you’ll realize it’s his thoughtful philosophy in the face of life’s range of challenges that makes him an admirable (and successful) entrepreneur and global citizen.


About Episode 6: Meggie Francisco

They say everything's bigger in Texas, and when it comes to weddings, that’s usually true. As a rising star on the Dallas wedding scene, though, Meggie Francisco didn’t feel that bigger was always better, and she followed a hunch that told her other people would agree. In this episode, Jessica talks with Meggie about where


Hiscox and Encourage Courage

Points of Courage adds to Hiscox’s award winning Encourage Courage brand platform, which was launched in 2014. Since then, the company has partnered with Forbes to release  The American Courage Index, a national study on the courage of US entrepreneurs.  In 2015, Hiscox also announced a multi-city brand activation partnership with Tough Mudder and a six part docu-series, Courageous Leaders, featuring top young entrepreneurs including Dennis Crowley, founder of Foursquare.


In2017, Hiscox once again challenged convention with a new ad campaign. Created by gyro: New York, the campaign features real-life Hiscox customers who have embraced the risks of starting a business, overcome the obstacles they have faced, and turned the impossible into I’mpossible to become successful despite their challenges.

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