Introducing the American Courage Index

August 11, 2015

At Hiscox, we believe that having the courage to embrace risk is critical to business success. Very simply put, anything worth having, in business or otherwise, comes with a little risk. Whether it's borrowing money to grow your business, championing a new product, or hiring more employees – all business owners have to accept some risk. Facing that risk is what makes success possible, but it also requires courage. How Courageous Are Americans? Just how courageous are Americans feeling these days? To find out, we partnered with Forbes Insights and polled small business owners nationwide. We heard from countless small business owners about what keeps them up at night and what inspires them. We're proud to present our results in the American Courage Index. Check out the info graphic below to find out our results. The answer to how courageous Americans are may surprise you! How Courageous Are you? Do you consider yourself courageous? Take our courage test and find out how your courage score compares to the average American! Test your courage here! Read the entire study here. ACI infographic