Cicely Whyte and Rosaline Gordon, Owners of Brooklyn Nail Company
ABC features Hiscox customer’s real life “sister sister” story

These two sisters, who didn’t meet until later in life, opened a small business together. Now they are Hiscox customers. Their story was featured on ABC’s, Secretly Awesome.
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Artist Leandro Comrie

Hiscox Latino Employee Network interviews up-and-coming Venezuelan Artist

The Hiscox Latino Employee Network hosts a live Zoom interview with up-and-coming artist, Leandro Comrie in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. Read More

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National Hispanic Heritage Month

How we’re celebrating Hispanic communities beyond Hispanic Heritage Month

To celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re shining a light on the Hiscox Latino Employee Network and the work they do at Hiscox and in local communities.  Read More

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Icon of black and white scale. Social justice.

Hiscox's journey toward a more equitable workplace

It's our mission to create an inclusive and diverse workplace. Hiscox has created several initiatives to make sure this happens and we're sharing our journey to inspire other businesses to take similar steps to push for social and racial justice.  Read More

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Bob Gadaleta, President of Hiscox Foundation USA

Supporting racial equality and justice: A note from Bob Gadaleta, President of the Hiscox Foundation USA

A note from the President of the Hiscox Foundation USA. Bob Gadaleta lays out his plans to continue cultivating a diverse and inclusive workforce. Read More

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What are small businesses doing to stay afloat? 3 Business owners share their stories

Three of our customers reveal how they are adapting, what business as usual looks like, and even how their personal lives have been impacted with the onset of COVID-19.  Read More

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Hiscox pledges $2 million to help small businesses 

Hiscox has pledged a $2 million contribution to small business relief efforts across the US. Learn more about what Hiscox is doing as a company to help small businesses navigate the current landscape. Read More

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