Cicely Whyte and Rosaline Gordon, Owners of Brooklyn Nail Company
ABC features Hiscox customer’s real life “sister sister” story

These two sisters, who didn’t meet until later in life, opened a small business together. Now they are Hiscox customers. Their story was featured on ABC’s, Secretly Awesome.

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Black Entrepreneurship

Empowered: How Black entrepreneurs empower America

With Black History Month upon us, let's reflect upon the rich economic contributions made by Black entrepreneurs with some insights shared by Dr. Robert E. Weems, Jr.

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Roxy Te society social sat in lounge

How to turn a dream into a business: Roxy Te, Owner of Society Social, tells all

Roxy Te, owner of Society Social, a home furniture company out of North Carolina tells us about how she turned her dream business into a reality. 

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Alexis palmer - head of HR, Hiscox USA. Executive sponsor of Pan-African Employee Network, D&I. Diversity and Inclusion.

7 Lessons on diversity and inclusion from a Hiscox HR leader

In honor of Black History Month, here are 7 tips for employees and employers to improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

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MLK Day. Martin Luther King Day. Hiscox Pan-African Employee Network. American flag.

Celebrating Martin Luther King Day and the Hiscox Pan-African Employee Network

This year on Martin Luther King Day, we’re spotlighting the Hiscox Pan-African Employee Network (PAEN) and their important contributions to our company and the community. 

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Artist Leandro Comrie

Hiscox Latino Employee Network interviews up-and-coming Venezuelan Artist

The Hiscox Latino Employee Network hosts a live Zoom interview with up-and-coming artist, Leandro Comrie in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month.

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National Hispanic Heritage Month

How we’re celebrating Hispanic communities beyond Hispanic Heritage Month

To celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re shining a light on the Hiscox Latino Employee Network and the work they do at Hiscox and in local communities. 

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