How Personal Trainers Can Capitalize on New Year’s Resolutions

December 30, 2014

Small business owners in the health and wellness fields know, the beginning of January marks the start of one of the busiest times of the year. Nutrition consultants, productivity coaches, and gym owners are all likely to experience an increase in demand in January. Personal trainers find themselves especially busy, as people are ready to embrace goals in search of their personal best, or at least lose a couple of the pounds they packed on over the holidays. As a fitness coach or personal trainer, how can you make sure you’re doing everything you can to capitalize on all this opportunity? Here are three ideas you can try to make sure the New Year starts off strong: Turn January into “bring a friend” month Contact your existing clients and make sure they’re on track to keep their appointments with you. Then let them know they should bring a friend, someone they think might like having a trainer or who has expressed interest in personal training in the past. This approach makes sure your current clients get back into a fitness routine after the holidays and lets them share a session with a friend. They feel good, the friend feels good, and you get to chat with a potential client. Host a fundraiser December is the month normally associated with charity, but needs don’t diminish because the holidays are over. Pick a charity that’s dear to you and create an event that ties in fitness – a fun run for veteran amputees or car wash for animal rehab. Include a variety of activities so it appeals to many, such as face painting for kids, a healthy cooking demonstration, and a few personal training sessions spread throughout the event. Be available to answer questions from people expressing interest in personal training, collect their information and be sure to follow-up with them. Have an irresistible offer Due to New Year’s Resolutions fever, you’re going to have more inquiries than usual even if you don’t alter your marketing at all. To make sure those leads don’t slip away, craft a few offers that are practically irresistible, like a free trial period, non-contract memberships with free gifts, or a guarantee of results – as long as they follow your program With just a little planning you can make sure your personal training business gets the most of New Year’s Resolutions fever, now and all throughout the year.