Achieve any goal with organization

May 27, 2014

Guest blogger Michelle Powell of Some Like It Organized, shares tips on organizing your life in order to achieve your goals.

There’s a lot that goes into success. No magic pill or perfect assistant will suffice.  Hard work and long hours don’t do the trick either.  Systems work but only when you work them. Here’s a system on how to organize every aspect of your life so you are set up for success in achieving your goals. As the founder of Some Like It Organized, I take a holistic approach to everything, which basically means utilizing everything you’ve got to get the job done. Attacking a problem from one direction only invites an escape route. When we think holistically, our awareness expands and therefore our world, results and experience expands with it.

Values How can you move forward with anything without first that desire? Desires and needs are simply values in costume. We all have top values that dictate the direction of our lives. When we feel lost, confused or unfulfilled, we are out of alignment with our values or with what’s really important to us. Get back on track by writing out what you value most, then make sure everything you do moves toward that. Simply put, discipline is remembering what you want.

Time Management “I don’t have the time” really means, “It’s not important enough.” To get something done, we have to ask, “What is it going to take to make this a priority?” Make sure your priorities are in service to your values, allocate time for them and set boundaries to protect yourself from drifting off-course. Work backwards from your goal and set due dates for each milestone.  Reward yourself so you instill the new habit and enjoy the process. Don’t neglect your hobbies, either! I tell every single one of my clients that your passions and career are equally important and contribute to the betterment of your higher purpose. Basically, all work and no play keep you miserable day after day. Use these tips to ensure time management is a priority.

Space As a business owner, your office setup is a game changer. Organization will become your anchor of support. Working with ease through your space is essential to productivity and peace. Partner with your space by having everything you need within reach, sorted by category and accessible by need.  Put archive materials or rarely used items farther away and reference paperwork or active supplies in the “prime real estate” area (i.e.: within arms reach). Search for resources to help you run a more efficient small business.

Inspiration How do you stay motivated to accomplish your goals? Remind yourself with everything around you. What are you looking at on your desk as you work? It should spark something in you to keep going and remember your why. What kinds of people do you surround yourself with and how do they make you feel? We are all susceptible to energy, so cultivate positive relationships. What activities are you doing daily? Draining experiences yield resentful feelings that in turn make our efforts to thrive ineffective.  Choose activities that inspire you, excite you and uplift you to keep you psyched about your life and business. I can tell you from experience, that’s what attracts success.

Michelle is passionate about helping people find serenity and flow in their life and space so they feel more fulfilled and balanced. A member of the National Association of Professional Organizers, Michelle is also Feng Shui certified. The dynamic nature of Michelle’s career experience has enabled her to understand the intricacy of time management, energy and how your space supports you. The trifecta of Holistic Organizing, Life Coaching and Feng Shui all come together seamlessly, customizing and complimenting each other for a truly comprehensive transformation. Learn more at