5 Easy Ways for Small Businesses to Keep Printing Costs Down

March 15, 2016

You currently run a small business and are looking for ways to cut corners. You want to focus on spending less and earning more because that is how you will grow your business in the future. Obviously, one way to cut down costs is to make sure you have business insurance that is tailored only to your company’s needs. After that, if you have noticed that the amount of money you spend on printing each month is ridiculously high and continues to become more expensive, you will want to take the right steps to reduce the cost and save a lot of money.

Choose the Right Font for Your Documents

Did you know that certain fonts waste more ink and space on the paper? Not only would you spend more on ink when deciding to use a thick and large font, you would waste a lot more paper when trying to print out a single document. If you are not sure which font to use, stick with something that is much thinner yet still professional, such as Times New Roman. Make sure to set the font at a decent size. There is no need to set the size at 48 or 72 because that is simply too large. Most people would be able to read the text at the standard size 11, but you could always increase it to size 12 or 14 if necessary. Some of the fonts you should avoid using at all costs include Arial Black, Impact, Lucida Console and Comic Sans MS.

Send Some of Your Notices Via Email

Do you normally print out notices to employees or customers? If so, consider asking those people for their email addresses. Because there are so many people using laptops and smartphones, it is not uncommon for them to already have an email address. You can let them know about your plan to start sending out the notices directly through email so that you can save on printing costs. Why waste ink and paper when you can easily send something online and make sure the recipient has received it? Although you can save on printing costs when you send notices via email, you can also save some money on the cost of postage too. It’s just one of the many ways your small business can go green.

Use the Front and Back of Your Paper

If the text is only printing out on one side of the paper, start adjusting the settings to get it to come out on both sides. Although the exact steps you need to take will depend on the type of printer you have, you can simply go into the printer settings and then review the options for the 2-sided printing feature. As soon as you set that up, you will start using much less paper. It is more cost-effective to use both of those fresh and clear sides instead of just one.

Purchase Recycled Printer Paper in Bulk

If you use a lot of paper at work, it is probably not uncommon for you to go through several boxes in just one week. Instead of dealing with an increased cost, you can start buying some of the recycled printer paper in bulk. The recycled option is a lot cheaper and it is better for the environment because it gets reused.

Avoid Colored Ink

Use a black or gray shade when printing instead of a bright color. The colored ink cartridges get priced slightly higher than the traditional black ones. If there is no need to print out papers with pink, red or green text, simply avoid doing it. You might like the way those colors look, but using them will cost you more over time, so it is better to just stick with black. These are some of the best ways to save on printing expenses. If you start following some or even all of these tips, your small business can put more of this money into  marketing, which will increase your bottom line even more.

Stephanie Song is a freelance writer and self-proclaimed technophile, who loves keeping up with the latest gadgets and technology. You can check out her site, Inktonerstore.com for all your quality ink and toner cartridge needs.