The Weird and the Wonderful

May 10, 2016

What do a parade of pirates, a fire breathing dragon, and a tsunami ball all have in common? They all need GL insurance, and we love reviewing those crazy risks!

The world of General Liability can be weird and wonderful, but that doesn’t mean it should be impossible to place the business. At Hiscox, we encourage our underwriters to take a chance on a risk not yet underwritten. By getting our arms around the exposure, setting a price that makes sense, and keeping the limits low, we have the courage to give it a whirl.

The weird and wonderful we see:

Pirates on parade
Event coverage for a group of people who dress up as pirates for at least 12 parades a year, as well as private birthday parties.

Tsunami ball to the rescue

Company that manufactures large metal balls that humans can survive in for up to 30 days if a tsunami hits. Coverage was for testing the product by tossing it over Niagara Falls, as well as for further tests and future sales.

Fire-breathing dragons, oh my!
Coverage for the fire-breathing dragon at Burning Man Festival. Questions we asked were: How close can people get to it? Who’s manning it?  Are there any barriers to entry? Is it being inspected, and if so how often?
Stilt walkers gone wild

Event coverage for a group of people who walk around on stilts in parades, at private parties, and events.

Hopping off to the races

Group of people that dress up as bunnies and race around.  Questions we might as are: Are the appropriate waivers being signed? Who are the people participating? What type of damage could these ‘bunnies’ cause to themselves, others, or the event space?

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