Woman entrepreneur sitting at laptop looking at grant application. Grants for women small business owners.
15 Small business grants all women entrepreneurs should apply for

It can be difficult for startup companies to become profitable and small businesses led by women are at a disadvantage. Data from the loan market suggests that female entrepreneurs are 5 percent less likely to receive conventional business loans.
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Brown package with strong. Red mouse on top of it. Last-minute holiday sales for small businesses.

5 Tips for last-minute holiday sales

It’s important to pull out all the stops to get those year-end sales in. Try a few of these sales ideas and see if you can boost your sales before the new year. Read More

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Scroll with the word 'tax' on it and magnifying glass. Tax-planning guide, checklist.

5 Tax-planning tips before the end of the year

There are steps you can take now to reduce your small business’s tax liability when you file your 2020 taxes in April, and ways to make the whole process easier. Use these 5 tax-planning tips to get started. Read More

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Woman's hands holding documents. Small business retirement plan.

Choosing a retirement plan for your business

A good way to attract top talent is to offer a retirement plan as a benefit. Here’s what you need to know about choosing a retirement plan for your business.  Read More

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Veteran, woman, sitting at desk on laptop. Veteran small business owner.

Benefits for veteran-owned small businesses

If you’re a veteran and you own your own business, you can tap into opportunities to help your business succeed. Find out what programs are available to help you reach your small business goals. Read More

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Scale with dollar sign and clock. Residual income. passive income.

How to make passive income

For those who want to make extra money to invest back into their business, cover expenses, or improve cash flow, a passive income stream is the way to go. Here are some of the most poplar ways to make passive income. Read More

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Black and white photo of mask and money. EIDL Loans.

EIDL loans for small businesses

There’s another small business lending program through the SBA that's getting attention: The EIDL program. Here's what small business owners need to know to apply for an EIDL.  Read More

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