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Kenneth Flowers, entrepreneur and owner of Affordable Professional Cleaning
Spotlight on courage: Kenneth Flowers, veteran and small business owner

Kenneth is a Hiscox customer who started a small business after serving in the military. Watch our exclusive video with him.

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Spotlighting Hiscox photographer customers, Kdmorris, Sydney Sherman, and Paramount Memories - William and Jennifer Chavis

Exposed: photographers who developed their love for photos into a profession

We spotlight the creativity and drive that inspires photographers, and share the stories of these Hiscox customers who developed their passion into a profession.

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Strong uplifting women who made their business dreams come true

Behind every entrepreneur is a dream that motivated them. Get inspired by these four strong women who turned their business dreams into reality.

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Avery Michaelson CEO and founder of UCapture

Meet Avery Michaelson: Making climate change make economic sense

Avery Michaelson started UCapture to provide an economic incentive for businesses to support carbon offsets. Learn how he’s helping to move the needle on climate change.

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joyia toran blog post

Meet Joyia Toran, who brings unique native crafts to Wanderluxe Home

Joyia Toran always had that entrepreneurial spirit – she just needed to find the right business. On a trip to Mexico, she found it – selling unique, handmade crafts produced by local artisans. This is the story of how she started Wanderluxe Home. 

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May Silvers M2 Hospitality

Customer Spotlight: How May Silvers made her business dream come true and helps others do the same

May Silvers is founder and owner of M2 Hospitality, an event planning company, and Events4Anyone, a coaching business to help event planners start and grow their own businesses. She shared with us how she made her dream of running her own event planning business come true, and how she helps other event planners realize their dreams too.

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Small business success stories. Natoshia Lewis, Nirupa Netram, Wes Swing.

3 Entrepreneurs share how they launched their business on the heels of a pandemic

These courageous entrepreneurs started businesses during a pandemic.Their stories are an important reminder of the opportunities that exist with a little ingenuity. 

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