Spotlight on courage: Small business helps kids “love school”

November 18, 2019

"Everyone deserves to be heard"

Adrienne Fuller has a small business with a big purpose. Her speech therapy business, SpeechBuilders, helps all kind of individuals and children learn to communicate better.

Adrienne is the Clinical Director and owner of SpeechBuilders and she has a long history of helping others, having previously worked as a middle school teacher and in hospitals and nursing facilities.

How Hiscox came to her rescue

Adrienne was scrambling to get business insurance coverage after opening up a second location. She was even close to losing the location as a result. After a friend recommended Hiscox, she called us up and we completed her policy that same evening. The location was saved.

Watch Adrienne in action in our exclusive video with her.

We set a child up for success before Kindergarten; they’re that much more likely to be successful in school and love school. They’re your most precious gift and I just am humbled that a parent says, ‘take the wheel.’

My name is Adrienne Fuller. I’m the owner of Speechbuilders, Speech and Language Therapy, located in Apopka, Florida. We work with children who don’t talk or children who have communication disorders. Everyone deserves to have the ability to communicate and to be heard.

Sometimes it blows my mind just how much hard work has really manifested into what we have today.

We were just about to open a second location. I was using actually another insurance company for all of my insurance needs, and with the previous company, it was a very long process. I was going to maybe lose out on that location.

In the beginning days when you are doing the work, you’re wearing many different hats, there are sometimes that you can’t talk to someone at two o’clock in the afternoon. You need a human being who knows what they’re talking about late at night and Hiscox provided that for me.

That’s what it is: We all want to be heard.

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