New Hiscox Ad Campaign Showcases the I’mpossible

February 16, 2017

Hiscox is once again challenging convention with a new ad campaign. Created by gyro: New York, the campaign features real-life Hiscox customers who have embraced the risks of starting a business, overcome the obstacles they have faced, and turned the impossible into I’mpossible to become successful despite their challenges. “The new campaign builds on our brand platform, Encourage Courage,” says Russ Findlay, CMO of Hiscox USA. “We encourage courage among entrepreneurs by helping them take on the right kind of risk. The outside the box thinking that Hiscox uses to view risk in a new way is what helps to make many start-ups successful. These entrepreneurs are turning the impossible into I’mpossible every day, and this campaign celebrates their accomplishments.” The campaign features the headline I’mpossible, with a red apostrophe taken from Hiscox’s fleur-de-lis logo that breaks up the word ‘impossible.’ Different versions of the ad feature the inspiring stories of Hiscox customers and the challenges they have overcome in order to turn their dreams into successful enterprises. The I’mpossible campaign kicks off February 16 with a full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal that asks, “Has America lost its courage?” The ad challenges the state of small business in this country, asking, “Are we no longer the home of the brave? We used to be the nation with the most start-ups in the world.” The ad ends by concluding, “Has America lost its courage? We think not.” The campaign will be promoted across national and trade media in the coming months.

An insurance company that embraces risk is an anomaly, but Hiscox has been challenging convention for some time. Rejecting the fear-based marketing approach that had been common to insurance companies, Hiscox introduced the Encourage Courage brand platform in 2014. The brand became synonymous with embracing the power of risk and using the right kinds of risk to be successful in business. As a company, Hiscox challenges convention internally as well. By encouraging underwriters to embrace the right kinds of risk, Hiscox is often able to cover risks that others can’t or won’t, and it is this innovative approach to risk that has made the company America’s number one online business insurer. “Hiscox encourages courage among all of its employees, and challenges them to challenge convention, to take the status quo and question it,”, adds Findlay. “Because our internal culture is in sync with our external messaging, the market can see that we are authentic, transparent and honest. These are critical attributes, particularly when marketing an intangible product like insurance. Our customers know they can trust us when they need us, because we project the same qualities we embody internally.” Watch for Hiscox’s I’mpossible ad campaign in national news and trade publications such as the Wall Street Journal, The Week, Home Business, Tech Review, 425 Business Real Estate Weekly, Professional Remodeler, Professional Photographer and more.