How courageous is America?

June 29, 2015

What better time to talk about courage than the week of July 4.  Our founding fathers exhibited the types of mental and moral courage that are still on display everyday in businesses big and small across the US.  Doing anything new or different takes courage, and Americans have been known since 1776 for their courage to set out on their own to pursue their dreams. But, exactly how courageous are today's Americans in their business and personal lives?  We decided to ask you and find out in the Hiscox American Courage Index, developed by Forbes Insights.  The full survey will be out later this month, but we have a preview today. Overall, the first American Courage Index stands at 25.81 out of 100 for the general US population and 29.47 for business owners.  We're also proud to note that Hiscox customers ranked even higher at 33.74.  We're looking forward to hearing from America and seeing how this number evolves over time. How did we get to this number? We asked business owners, the general US population and our Hiscox small business customers how they were feeling about the economy and the future, as well as how courageous they are in their personal and professional lives.  All of these responses worked together to create the ACI.  Now, it's on all of us to support each other and have the courage to start new initiatives, expand our businesses and reach our dreams every day, and what a weekend to start. An early Happy 4th of July to everyone and be on the lookout for the full index at the end of July.