Hiscox challenges small business owners to Encourage Courage

October 24, 2014

Hiscox Small Business Insurance launches new branding campaign to Encourage Courage.

At Hiscox, we help small business owners, consultants and entrepreneurs build, grow and protect their businesses. We enjoy working with these communities because we know that starting a small business takes courage and risk. These traits are similar to those we value in our employees.

We’re proud to encourage courage in our customers as well as in ourselves. We take risks everyday to help our customers become the best small business owners that they can be. We know that our customers need to take risks every day as small business owners.

Hiscox USA is excited to roll out our new branding campaign that challenges small business owners to encourage courage. Not only are we asking the small business community to display courage, the Hiscox team is also recommitting itself to being courageous as an organization.

What exactly do we mean by encourage courage? When we think of the words courage, we think of people who don’t fear risk, but instead fear not taking risk. At Hiscox, we believe that taking risks is a positive – both for individuals and for businesses.

We recently spoke with small business counselors from around the U.S. at the 2014 America’s Small Business Development Centers Conference. The counselors shared with us about the importance of courage in small businesses. Watch the video below for their insight.

How do you encourage courage within your small business? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts with our community of small business owners and entrepreneurs!