ABC spotlights Hiscox customer’s makeup brand 

July 22, 2019

ABC’s Localish series, Secretly Awesome, is featuring another Hiscox customer! Gisselle Hernandez and her company Glamlite are anything but ordinary. Glamlite combines cosmetics and fast food to bring a unique twist on cosmetics to customers. 

From pizza palettes to fry-lashes, just about all of Glamlite’s products are a twist on popular fast food items. 

What helped launch Glamlite’s success was a glowing review from a YouTuber that garnered over seven million views and continues to grow. 

However, Gisselle understands that business doesn’t come without risks. “Insurance is very important as a business owner because you want to feel protected . . . So why risk losing it all when you can easily be protected through insurance?” 

Watch the full video spotlighting Glamlite on ABC’s Secretly Awesome.

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