ABC spotlights Hiscox customer’s cleaning services for cancer patients

November 18, 2019

ABC’s Localish series, Secretly Awesome, recently featured Hiscox customer Enjoy Life Cleaning Services. Enjoy Life was featured, not only for the cleaning services they provide to customers in the Douglasville, Georgia area, but also for the free house cleaning they offer to cancer patients.

Enjoy Life Cleaning Services, founded by Diane and Omar Daniel, participates in Cleaning For a Reason, a national organization that partners with local cleaning companies to provide free cleaning services for those who are undergoing treatment for cancer. “When someone is receiving cancer treatment and they come home, cleaning their home is the last thing that they want to do, but probably one of the most important things,” said Diane.

Diane knows that any business involves risk, and that it’s important to manage that risk. “Being a small business owner, people always want to know, am I protected? And the answer is yes, we want everyone to be protected all around,” she said. “We’re insured by Hiscox Insurance. That gives us the layer of protection we need for our company and also for our clients. And we know that what we do makes a difference.”

Watch ABC’s Secretly Awesome video spotlighting Enjoy Life Cleaning Services.

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