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Why do personal trainers choose Hiscox?

Whether you offer personal training in the client’s home, Pilates or yoga at a gym, or anything in between, Hiscox is here to help. From bodily injury and property damage to claims of negligence or dissatisfaction, our policies are designed with personal trainers in mind. We understand what it takes to insure businesses like yours, and we’re dedicated to helping your run your operations in the best way possible.

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Do you need insurance as a personal trainer?

Fitness professionals who work as personal trainers help their clients get in shape, train for competition, and recover after injuries. Due to the nature of this business, it is very important for personal trainers, like you, to consider certain protections offered by liability insurance.

A lot can go wrong when training, even when safety precautions are in place. Lawsuits are sometimes a realistic possibility for personal trainers, even if they have done nothing wrong, due to injuries sustained from workouts, bodily damage from equipment, or chronic pain that occurs after sessions.

A solution can be to protect yourself with personal trainer insurance, from Hiscox. In some cases, it is recommended that personal trainers carry professional liability insurance or general liability insurance policies for protection.

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