Why is professional liability insurance for personal trainers crucial to their business?

August 08, 2012

Your client just accused you of injuring his rotator cuff during a personal training session. Now what do you do? Having professional liability insurance for personal trainers will cover you against any claims of negligence, even when you haven’t made a mistake.

Your new small business has been growing faster than planned – that’s good news. Clients are signing up for all of your available personal training appointments and you’ve even considered starting up a group boot camp sessions to bring in more revenue. You happily answer your next phone call, dreaming of that new piece of exercise equipment you are ready to buy and all of a sudden your good mood comes to a grinding halt.

Reason 1: Protection For Your Company
A client called to tell you that he injured his rotator cuff and he says it’s your fault. He says all of the chest presses, shoulder presses and push-ups that were part of his one on one training sessions with you have left him with this injury. Thinking back, you can’t recall anything abnormal about the session or the client ever indicating that he was in pain. The client is demanding his money back and threatens to bring a suit against you alleging that you failed to train him properly. You are worried about what a lawsuit will do to your business. It doesn’t matter if this injury is your fault or not. Help is available to you.

Reason 2: Avoid Financial Consequences of a Lawsuit and Damage to Your Business’ Reputation
Customized personal trainer insurance will protect you from claims of negligence from a third party (your client). Even if it’s not your fault that your client injured his rotator cuff, you will suffer the financial consequences of a lawsuit, as well as the damages to your business’ reputation. A professional liability policy will pay for an attorney to defend you and it will cover any damages awarded to your client for his injuries.

Reason 3: Getting Insurance for Personal Trainers is Very Easy
An insurance professional will help you select the professional liability insurance policy that’s right for your business. Injuries are bound to happen in the course of training your clients, don’t make them worse by neglecting your small businesses insurance needs.

Tell us! Are you a personal trainer and have professional liability insurance for your small business?