Use Email Marketing to Help Your Business Grow

April 08, 2013

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a consultant, email marketing can have a great impact on your business.

Read on to see why it’s essential and watch a recap of our Google + Hangout on the topic.

It’s essential to have a solid strategy to grow your small business. Email marketing expert, Karen Talavera of Synchronicity Marketing, shared the latest email trends to help boost business in a recent Google + Hangout hosted by Hiscox Small Business Insurance.

Email marketing can be particularly effective because you’re asking for permission to communicate with customers and potential clients. Small business owners can grow their database, by asking website visitors to share their email address in exchange for something of value, such as an ebook or a training module.

One of the most important factors involved in a successful email marketing campaign is commitment. Whether a campaign will occur once per week or once per month, customers are expecting to receive a communication from you, and it’s important that you keep that commitment.

Once a time commitment has been made, the design of the email should also be taken into consideration.

  • Simplicity is the best - over half of emails are read on mobile devices.
  • An attention grabbing headline will pull readers into an email newsletter.
  • A font that’s easy to read will make the newsletter more appealing.
  • The use of quality images will enhance the message.
  • The color scheme is important to ensure the message is easy to read.

Segment, Target and Trigger. These three words will help you ensure the most affective communication. Segment your list into different categories in order to target the right audience for each message. One size doesn’t fit all. Send trigger messages based on key actions. Has a person signed up to your list for the first time? Is a life event, such as a birthday taking place?