Top 10 apps that will keep your small business organized

May 06, 2013

Get organized, stay connected, and be visible with these productivity-driven smart business apps.

Staff writer for, Angie Picardo, shares how small businesses can stay organized with technology.

More and more in today’s digitally-powered world, apps are increasingly used by small business owners as invaluable tools to help businesses grow and function fluidly. Here’s a handy list of 10 awesomely convenient mobile and web apps, each designed to help you get organized and stay connected.

1. Google Drive

Building on the phenomenal success of Google Docs, the Google Drive app allows users to view and edit files across PC, tablet, and smartphone. It’s a fully-featured office suite and cloud drive all-in-one, allowing you to store and access any file type via app or web interface.

2. Evernote

Evernote is an ideal app for users who need to “Remember Everything.” Allowing users to organize and share texts, photos, and voice memos, small business owners can readily keep track of every idea that springs to mind. The app then syncs your notes, photos, and documents across all platforms, making everything available everywhere…all the time.

3. Bump

Bump is a networking app allowing small business owners to abandon printed business cards in favor of electronic ones. Users can trade contact information simply by “bumping” their smartphones together.

4. LocalVox

LocalVox enables owners to publish news and sale announcements with a simple click, propagating your news across multiple online channels, from social media to websites and email newsletters. For boosting your online presence – fast! – LocalVox is a breeze.

5. Tripit

Tripit is a revolutionary app that allows on-the-go business owners the chance to track trip arrangements all in one place. The app also provides weather updates and directions to make traveling easier than ever. Makes travelling much less stressful.

6. FormMobi

Describes as a “virtual clipboard,” FormMobi allows small business owners to easily gather data on any mobile device. The app offers robust functionality, allowing users a solid tool for filling in forms on-the-fly. Other features include an audio recorder, camera, and signature collector. In fact, FormMobi can even be used to create CAD-quality sketches.

7. Expensify

Expensify is an easy app that keeps track of business expenses, allowing users the chance to scan and upload receipts. Employees can even file receipts and submit expense reports to employers with a simple smartphone click.

8. InDinero

A simple way to track cash flow and manage business finances, InDinero syncs with bank accounts and credit card, helping businesses predict future cash flows trends.

9. Asana

Called a “collaborative information manager,” Asana is a simple alternative to unwieldy management software. Asana allows users to manage work, personal projects, and events all in one scaled-down interface.

10. Square

Square offers business owners a chance to easily accept credit card payments via smartphone or tablet. With no sign-up or monthly fees, the service takes 2.75 percent of each transaction – an indispensable app for small businesses entrepreneurs.

Get organized, stay connected, and be visible with these productivity-driven smart business apps. They just might save you a few headaches, and a lot of time – two things small business entrepreneurs could use less (and more) of...

Angie Picardo is a staff writer for Her mission is to help consumers stay financially savvy, and save some money with the best CD rates.