Small Businesses Ideas for Moms to Start

October 06, 2014

With the kids in school – or maybe out of the house for good – some moms may have time on their hands. There are plenty of small business ideas for women that could lead to more moms becoming mompreneurs. Deciding to start a small business may be the next logical step for moms looking to enter the workforce again.

Why should dadpreneurs get all the fun of starting their own small business? There is an increasing number of industries in which women are thriving. Here are some top small business ideas for women entrepreneurs.

Event Planning

If you enjoy organizing and keeping hectic lives in order, event planning can be a great way to do something you’re skilled at and get paid for it. From children’s birthday parties to wedding festivities, there is high demand for event planners to alleviate the stress that comes with planning a big party. Because event planners prepare for the worst, your clients will feel safe knowing their event is in good hands.


Cooking can be a great way to break into the small business world. If you don’t want to start from scratch by working under other chefs, and you don’t have the start-up capital to fund your own restaurant, catering could be the perfect solution for cooking lovers. Be sure to check with state regulations about food preparation and storage, as well as attaining any necessary permits, before catering any events.

Child Daycare

Kids can be a handful sometimes and helping out other parents take care of their children during work hours or after school can be a good way to work out of your own home. Instead of babysitting one kid at a time, market your daycare as one for the community. Parents who want their children to benefit from continued social interaction will appreciate this service the most.

Creative Jobs

Flexing your creative chops can be done at any age, whether your outlet of choice is interior design or photography. All you need is an eye for your chosen aesthetic and you can begin planning and executing your small business at very little start-up cost.

Online Retailer

As consumers gravitate more towards the internet to buy everyday items (and not-so-everyday items), it should come as no shock that selling merchandise online has become more and more commonplace. Online marketplaces like Etsy and Amazon have made it easier to connect with customers through a trusted online channel, allowing for more exposure for your products and higher likelihood of increased demand.

Starting a small business can be challenging, but becoming an entrepreneur can be equally rewarding. Owning your own business also means being held accountable for any potential problems that may arise, even if it isn't your fault. Taking out business owner’s insurance can protect you from damage to your workspace, while commercial property insurance can save you from damages to your equipment. Being smart about any potential risks in running your own business could be the reason for your future success, no matter what industry you choose.

Tell us! Are you planning on becoming a mompreneur? What types of obstacles have you faced as a woman entrepreneur? What small business ideas for women would you add to this list?

NOTE: This post was initially published in 2014 and updated in February 2019 to improve both article structure and availability of relevant internal resources.