The Secret to HR Success

February 10, 2014

Human resources doesn’t have to be difficult for your small business. Read these helpful success tips from guest blogger Oginga Carr of Epiphany Consulting, LLC.

Have you ever been bitten by an elephant?  Have you ever been bitten by a bug, an ant or a spider?  I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that the group for the latter is way larger than the group for the former.  So, you will admit that it’s the little things in life that get you, not the big things!  After traveling to 42 states and training tens of thousands of human resource professionals across the country, I’ve discovered a common thread: HR is confusing.

The main reason that people get so confused about HR is that they think it is the elephant.  But, it is really the bugs that will bite you.  Human resource success can be achieved by making sure you follow the correct HR regulations and with the help of three C’s. They are simple, but not easy.  Those three C’s are Clarity, Content, and Consistency. 


Can we be clear with our expectations of our employees?  Start off by hiring the best employees. So many workers go to jobs and don’t have a clear understanding of what their responsibilities are.  Take the time to write job descriptions that include every responsibility that an employee will have in their job.  This now prepares them for the full scope of the job.


How can we make sure that our content is legal?  This means that we stay up to date on changing laws and update our handbooks accordingly.  Also crucial is making sure that employees sign an acknowledgment every time policies are updated.


Can we be consistent in our treatment of our employees?  The hardest C is the last one, consistency.  A area lot of exposure in businesses happens because we don’t treat employees equally.  If you have never written up or fired someone who you like, the company might have some consistency issues.

If we are clear in our expectations of our employees, our content is legal and we can be consistent in our treatment, we can be successful in HR.

Oginga Carr is an author and founder of  Epiphany Consulting, LLC., which works with organizations to simplify their company and become more compliant.  Oginga has just released a ground breaking HR training program, HR Success Academy.