This fall, reinvigorate your small business with a conference

September 29, 2014

Fall is officially here. Use the change in seasons as an opportunity to focus on your professional development.

For many, fall is traditionally a time of reinvigoration, when entrepreneurs and small business owners “buckle down” after the summer to finish the year productively.  While you’re refocusing efforts in your business consider attending a small business conference, which can give you new perspectives, new knowledge and new connections – all of which you can use to end the year the way you want to.

Most conferences, whether national, regional or local in scope, offer the kind of amped-up energy and communicating with fellow entrepreneurs that you can’t find anywhere else.  Industry-specific conferences often offer CEUs (Continuing Education Credits) that you need anyway. Larger and more well-established conferences usually have exciting keynote speakers and inspiring awards shows. Small local conferences allow you to meet and get to know fellow business owners you may be able to collaborate with right away.

Below are a few suggested conferences taking place this fall.  Be sure to thoroughly research the business events taking place in your area, as well as those pertaining to your industry or customer base, so a gem of a conference doesn’t go unnoticed.  And be sure to follow-up with all the awesome connections you make!


October 2nd
Business Gets Personal
New York, NY
$300 to $1200
Three of the business world’s smartest guys – Dave Ramsey, Seth Godin and Gary Vaynerchuk – team up for a one-day event full to keynotes, panels, and networking.

October 10th and 11th
Second Annual Reinvention Weekend
Philadelphia, PA
Designed for established businesses, this two-day event helps entrepreneurs bridge the gap between what their business is now and what they want it to be.

October 16th
Inner City 100 Icons of Industry Growth
Boston, MA
For this day-and-a-half conference, over 300 small business CEOs will gather for networking, education, and seminars designed specifically for fast-growing urban businesses.

October 20th and 21st
Ignite Business Conference
Las Vegas, NV
This two-day conference will give small business leaders a leg-up in mastering both traditional and new media outreach with an agenda that includes training in advertising ROI, pay-per-click marketing, and more than a dozen other topics.

October 22nd
COSE Small Business Convention 2014
Sandusky, OH
$149 to $299
The ninth annual Small Business Convention is the premier event for small businesses in the Mid-West, with networking, education, and continuing education credits.

October 22nd
Small Business Summit
New York, NY
A small business conference in its ninth year, this event brings business leaders of large and small companies together to learn from one another.  Agenda sessions include marketing strategies, website best practices, and content marketing.


Is there a conference not listed that you think other business owners should know about? Comment below with the name of the conference and a link for more information. Your suggestion may appear in an upcoming Hiscox blog post.